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Toto -
Majestic Theater, San Antonio, TX;
August 26, 2015

Lineage: Tascam DR-08 w/built in mics @ 16bit/44.1Khz -> USB2.0 -> PC -> Goldwave -> TLH -> FLAC Level 8

Taper: DDemon72
Mastering and front cover: Totofan
Tracking and all other artwork: DDemon72

location: 9th row right side next to center aisle.

The Majestic is a really nice venue in San Antonio. Toto and Yes were playing on 8/26/2015 so I figured I'd check it out. The Toto fans around me were a bit rowdy so I moved seats to get away from them. Overall this recording turned out good.

Share freely but not for commercial use.

Don't convert to a lossy format.

Please support the band by buying their official releases and merch and seeing them live.
1. Running Out of Time
2. I'll Supply the Love
3. Hydra
4. Hold the Line
5. Afraid of Love
6. Holy War
7. Pamela

8. Keyboard Solo
9. Great Expectations
(incl. a snippet of "Can You… more Hear What I'm Saying")
10. Without Your Love
11. Little Wing
(The Jimi Hendrix Experience*cover)
12. On the Run / Goodbye Elenore
(incl. a snippet of "Child's Anthem")
13. Orphan
14. Rosanna
15. Africa

Suggested break between CD 1 and 2 is after track 7

fc399c962432a6ff88d4c4b3b8d4efc1 *101 Running Out of Time.flac
34604be015502c5040f374fefe4645ff *102 I'll Supply the Love.flac
76dc4c1b47d41bc8d5963e04da0f36fc *103 Hydra.flac
224c529cb3e4afd8861154d0dcfc0f7c *104 Hold the Line.flac
e52f08d56a399bfc61d7e799b8d2d17c *105 Afraid of Love.flac
4cc4c6c7bc9604c65fde6a8e97206542 *106 Holy War.flac
f5c2f5a83e085c3ac451b08b3807be73 *107 Pamela.flac
f9aa5c04cc15bb1255ef1a8ce973adb9 *208 Keyboard Solo.flac
0bd76c803fb073d6cd1e8fe14edad949 *209 Great Expectations.flac
3a26a314eddc259dcb5ad2dbc5e2e699 *210 Without Your Love.flac
937d1ac0f2fea6a7889489eae64daabd *211 Little Wing.flac
71a59d0e70053f7a4e8cf354ba236ade *212 On the Run - Goodbye Elenore.flac
bebd8c2f7f1da5edb195c1dd9ea0b54e *213 Orphan.flac
175fcf4ad2863879c57d619673470572 *214 Rosanna.flac
214956039f569c5cc1ba880b91682591 *215 Africa.flac

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