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Through the tremendous generosity of kawkaz (a one-sided trade in my favor) I was able to expand my Transatlantic collection, now you can as well.

TRANSATLANTIC - 013, Tilburg, HOL 14 March 2014 (2nd night, 185 min long!)

Taped by myself during their 2nd night in 013. As far as I can tell, the encores are the only thing
that differs from the 1st night.

Personnaly, I feel that their material has gone slightly worse with every release,
so their live shows haven't become better either since that legendary 013 performance in 2001.
And why they decided to leave out 'Duel with the Devil' (their best song by far) on this tour is beyond me!
More criticism from my part: Roine Stolt is *NOT* up to par in this band, missing lots of cues and breaks,
and making an unstable impression overall. He can't play a riff or a decent chord progression if it saved his life,
and Ted from Enchant had to step in more than once.

Neal's laptop broke down during the 1st encore, and he needed to re-boot, so a lengthy pause was
added between 'Nights IWS' and 'And You & I'. The latter wasn't exactly uber-rehearsed, as you can
tell from the rather shoddy version. Not to mention the unsingable vocals of Jon Anderson...

Neal Seemed to have a bad cold, but -worse- also seems to have lost much of his humour since becoming a born-again Christian (and murdering Spocks Beard in the process)...
Luckily, we still have Mike Portnoy, who saved the show with some classic remarks and his crazy stage antics.
All in all a decent show, but not a patch on 2001 if you ask me...

The recording fits nicely on 3 CD's. Note: I might have placed the track marks not entirely correct, as I'm not that familiar with their last 2 albums! Forgive me!!

I will upload an MP3 sample later!


Coresound Cardioids -> Sony MD -> WAV -> FLAC


1. Into the Blue
2. My New World
3. Shine
4. Whirlwind Medley
- Overture
- Rose Colored Glasses
- Evermore
- Is It Really Happening?

- Dancing With Eternal Glory
5. Beyond the Sun
6. Kaleidoscope
7. Guitar Duet
8. We All Need Some Light
9. Black as the Sky

10. Nights in White Satin
11. And You and I
12. All of the Above
13. Stranger in Your Soul

Being not familiar with the albums The Whirlwind & Kaleidoscope could have a bearing on the taper not enjoying as much. Just my opinion.
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