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I've been looking to buy this cd for a few months now since everyone is giving it great accolades. I actually just heard all of the songs on LSD radio on live 365.

For some reason it's not being sold anywhere in the area of Pittsburgh PA where I live. I've tried Best Buy, Walmart, CD Wharehouse and just about everywhere I can think of but nobody caries it. I'm considering buying it from Amazon but I'm a little skeptical buying from internet stores (a friend of mine had a few bad experiences and nobody is home during the day to receive shipped packages).

I know this is not a piracy forum, but would it be possible to rip the cd into mp3 format for me? Maybe we can hook up on some instant messanger and swap some songs. I'd really like to have this cd one way or another.

I spoke to SuckaIna3Piece about posting this and he said it would be ok in case you are wondering.

Thanks So Much

OOPS.....just realized this is for POSTING mp3's and not requesting them......I'll move this into the bootleg thread I guess

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