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Trust - 1980-03-15 Nogent Pavillon Baltard

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2 months after the show in Pavillon de Paris, Trust played a few songs in a festival in Nogent Baltard, near Paris. as far as I know it was called Europe on Seine and probably broadcasted by the Radio "Europe 1"

a few points need to be mentionned :
- it was probably the first time they played Antisocial on stage
- there was a saxophone player for the solo on Fatalité, just like on the record Represion
- Ross the boss (at that time from Shakin' Street and after Manowar) came for a jam (I am not sure it is on one song posted here however...)

1 Antisocial
2 Fatalité
3 Sors tes griffes
4 Le Mitard
5 Instinct de Mort
6 Bosser 8 heures
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thank you!

another great post, thanks. I've seen Ross the Boss several times with the Dictators & once with Shakin' Street, great guitarist & really nice guy. There used to be a video on youtube of Nono playing with Ross in Shakin' Street. I don't know if it was on one off or if there were several shows that they did this. It was very cool none the less.
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