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in 1981, Trust released Repression album in english and then supported Iron Maiden for the english leg of the world killer tour (*). Then they played in August in the reading Festival and stole the show to Ian Gillan Band (featuring J. Gers) who was the front band and prevented Trust from having an Encore.

Mp3 - 192 kbps; sound is quite distant, 5/10

1 Death Instinct
2 Les Brutes
3 In the name of the race
4 Pick me up,pick me down
5 Paris is still burning
6 Antisocial

(*) some bootleg from Maiden exist from this tour, maybe some of you could also surface some recording from Trust from that english Killer tour ?

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This is in my opinion is recorded, not soundboard and not audience.

It has the same ambiance as all those classic friday rock show reading recordings.

I wish all the announcements would be left at the begining and end, especially if it was Tommy rock god Vance or Fluff

cheers for this anyway i make it a B+ for the age
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