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One of the few shows played by Trust in 2007. This was in Ancenis, near nantes, in a tent, for a festival and with the last line-up. Show is good, also a good audience recording but unfortunately mp3 was encoded at 64 kbps. I am not reluctant to mp3 but this is pity (*).

1 Le Mitard
2 Palace
3 Au nom de la race
4 Fais où on te dit de faire
5 Chaude est la foule
6 On lèche on lache on lynche
7 Le temps efface tout
8 Tous ce visages
9 Sarkoland
1 Les templiers
2 Préfabriqués
3 Surveille ton look
4 L'élite
5 La mort rode
6 Tout ce qui est bon est mal
7 Antisocial

(*) if someone has the cd or flac files, it could upload it at a better rate...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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