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Twisted Sister
Civic Auditorium
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Oct 4th, 1984

Recorded by Greg Anderson with an Aiwa TPS30 cassette recorder.
1st generation tape

Transferred with a Yamaha KX-480 cassette deck to the computer using Logic 9 and the UAD apollo interface. NO EQ.
mastering by hanwaker 2018-12
no EQ but splicing the sides together and editing the whole show ( level corrections )
finally tracked and flaced


Set List

01 Stay Hungry
02 The kids are back
03 Under the blade
04 The Beast
05 We’re gonna make it
06 You can’t stop rock and roll
07 Burn in Hell
08 AJ Pero drum solo
09 We’re not gonna take it
----Side B (cuts in)---
10 I wanna Rock ( incl band intro)
11 SMF

(this upload comes to you by courtesy of doctor space and the hanwaker -- a co-op for the time being)

hanwaker upload to dime 2018-12!rfAQ3aKS!xBUkd71OwxZS9mnqmm07wA
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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