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U2 1987-05-15 Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey

U2torrents > my harddrive
Nothing changed to the original files, just added artworks, spectograms & checksums, which were missing.
Many thanks to the original taper and to the uploader.

Artworks added (you can find them here:)


Review can be found here:!reviews


Original info.

Brendan Byrne Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey
May 15, 1987

Source: Very Good/Slightly Excellent (IMO) Audience
Lineage: ? > Vinyl > (? gen. cassette) Memorex dB60 > .WAV (Goldwave) > .FLAC (frontend)
Taped by: ?
Transfered by: Daves PA rental

Bootleg Title: "Radio Edge"

File Size: 669MB (flac)



Disc 1

01 Where The Streets Have No Name
02 I Will Follow
03 Trip Through Your Wires (take 1)
04 People Get Ready
05 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
06 MLK
07 The Unforgettable Fire
08 Bullet The Blue Sky
09 Running To Stand Still
10 Exit (w/snips of 'Riders On The Storm')
11 In God's Country
12 Sunday Bloody Sunday
13 Maggie's Farm/Cold Turkey (w/snip of 'School's Out')

Disc 2

01 Come On Everybody
02 Trip Through Your Wires (take 2)
03 Bad (w/snips of 'Ruby Tuesday' and 'Sympathy For The Devil')
04 October
05 Springhill Mining Disaster
06 New Years Day
07 Pride
08 With Or Without You (w/"We shine like stars...")
09 Gloria
10 "40"


Another cassette transfer. This was spread out over two tapes.
'Come On Everybody' fades out at the end because it was the end of tape 1. 'Pride' also fades out, and 'With Or Without You' fades in. 'Bullet The Blue Sky was spread over side one and side two of the first tape. The person who made this tape faded out/faded in, but they left enough of an overlap at full volume for me to splice them together.!BA4SgT5B!_F41m655TMz5jNW9BQZNpw9lMpQNDa_o9iZtY3qpPaI
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