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U2 - 1987-09-22 - Foxboro, MA
(Soundboard FLAC)

September 22, 1987
Foxboro Stadium
Foxboro, MA

Foxboro 922
MoonChild Records - MC035

Silvers > db CDripper > Flac

01. Stand By Me
02. Where The Streets Have No Name
03. I Will Follow
04. Trip Through Your Wires
05. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
06. The Unforgettable Fire
07. Bullet The Blue Sky
08. Running To Stand Still
09. Exit / Van Morrison's Gloria (snippet)
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
11. Help
12. Helter Skelter
13. Bad / Walk On The Wild Side (snippet)
14. October
15. New Year's Day
16. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
17. One Tree Hill
18. With Or Without You
19. 40

Bono's arm is in a sling after dislocating his shoulder two nights earlier in Washington DC. It restricts his movement somewhat, but he has to wear it for the next few weeks. The first show without the sling is not until 20 October 1987 in Iowa City.




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Thank You for posting this VGd+ quality Soundboard of this show that I attended almost 31 years ago!

AudioChecker & AuCdTect have deemed this recording to be 99.8% CDDA

Spectro & Spek frequency 'cutoff' average @ 22.1khz

*Near the end of 'Streets' Bono's vocal mic cuts out for about 70 seconds then kicks back in just before the song ends*

It had rained for most of the day but fortunately stopped late afternoon.I remember there was a few minor PA issues during the show.Probably from all the moisture.

Can't tell if the crowd was being picked-up by the stage mics or if O'Herlihy had ambient mics set up to capture the crowd and make the recording sound 'fuller'.

The local Strawberries Records store was running a bus-trip up to the show.Seeing as the New Haven,Ct show for the next night (9/23) was sold out and that I was headed to Philly to see the Grateful Dead (again- the next night 9/23) I grabbed a ticket.
We left New Britain in central Ct and saw the show.On the way back,as we were coming down I-84 west into East Hartford,Ct the bus driver got pulled over for speeding.
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