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Gund Arena
Cleveland, Ohio


Source 1: ALD
Source 2: AUD

Not much to say about it: nice show, nice sources.

There's some confusion about the "soundboard" source, some claim it's an ALD which would be correct if you'd ask me.

Most you'll hear in this matrix is the (mono) ALD. (The widely circulating version is fake stereo -- that is, one channel was inverted which hurt my ears too much. So I turned it back to mono just like the original recording was.) The excellent audience source was mixed in not too loud because I liked the directness of the ALD. But it did add ambiance, width and, well, audience.

Some screaming, clapping and a few loud pops -- not too often and I don't care about it much.

Overall sound is direct, crisp, slightly agressive and very enjoyable imo.

01 Movin' On Up [PA]
02 Elevation
03 Beautiful Day
04 Until The End Of The World
05 New Year's Day
06 Kite
07 New York
08 I Will Follow
09 Sunday Bloody Sunday
10 Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
11 In A Little While
12 Desire
13 Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
14 Bad
15 Where The Streets Have No Name
16 Mysterious Ways
17 The Fly
18 Let's Have Church [PA]
19 Bullet The Blue Sky
20 With Or Without You
21 Pride (In The Name Of Love)
22 One
23 I Remember You
24 Walk On

Download this bootleg here

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