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A Place Called Vertigo
Parts of 2005-04-28 & 2005-04-29
Vancouver, BC

This is one of those where I understand why some people prefer AUD's over soundboards. It's a really rough recording and the levels are everywhere. Sometimes Bono's a bit distant, the other side of the room thing, other times he's in your face, practically sweating the words out on your head. Drums are loud, back vocals are loud. And there's the tip-off right there.

When it comes to soundboard sources, it can mean a few things. We like to think it's this magical connection between the FOH (main) mixer and a top quality DAT, CD burner, or a nice reel. Even a cassette is preferrable to some of the other options: a side-feed, monitor or ALD mix. Out of these, the side-feed could be the best of the three, possibly even better than an FOH, depending on it's purpose and destination.

The worst possible of these is an ALD, or Assisted Listening Device. This is akin to a Sanitation Engineer really being a Janitor. ALD is an in ear monitor system, of which many bigger acts use today. For U2, and mostly Bono, it means you can move anywhere you want; top of the stacks, right stage, center stage, back stage, from the tour bus, in the can; and you'll hear the same mix everytime, in your earbuds. "Can you hear me now? Good!"

So this mix is probably Bono's mix, what he is hearing during the course of the show. Sometimes it's a decent mix, other times things are missing, or noises come in that shouldn't. It's getting it's own feeds from other places, so it has the ability to be both incomplete and superfluous to the actual FOH mix. It's rough.

And apparently it's sourced from 2 shows to make a complete single show. Don't ask, 'cause I haven't a clue as to why. I just grabbed it, smacked it upside the 13, and posted it here for y'all.

It's been Eq'd, compressed quite a bit to even out the rough edges, spread, enhanced and maximized. I've enjoyed listening to it, so it must sound pretty good.


01. City of Blinding Lights - April 29
02. Vertigo - April 28
03. Elevation - April 28
04. Gloria - April 28
05. New Year's Day - April 28
06. Mircale Drug - April 28
07. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - April 29
08. Love And Peace Or Else - April 29
09. sunday Bloody Sunday - April 29
10. Bullet The Blue Sky - April 29
11. 40 - April 29
12. Pride (In The Name Of Love) - April 29
13. Where The Streets Have No Name - April 29
14. One - April 29
15. Zoo Station - April 29
16. The Fly - April 29
17. Mysterious Ways - April 29
18. All Because Of You - April 28
19. Original Of The Species - April 28
20. Yahweh - April 29
21. 40 - April 28

Download this bootleg here

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