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Alright everyone. Strawberry and I were recently discussing U2, and I forgot just how freakin' badass they are. I found this show (that I forgot I even had) after our conversation and I remember someone specifically mentioning this show. I burnt it when I found it again, and man... Just awesome. Bono catches a lot of shit (We can mostly blame Beavis & Butthead for that
)... but vocally... man, there aren't many who can touch him. His range is absolutely stellar.

Dave, if you catch this, I found this show on MP3, but still have not had a chance to replace it with lossless <hint

Anyway, here's the setlist guys. Enjoy this one, as I am once again.

Disc 1

1 Out Of Control
2 Twilight
3 An Cat Dubh
4 Into The Heart
5 Surrender
6 Two Hearts Beat As One
7 Seconds
8 Sunday Bloody Sunday
9 The Cry & Electric Co.

Disc 2

1 I Fall Down
2 October
3 New Year's Day
4 I Threw A Brick Through A Window
5 A Day Without Me
6 Gloria
7 Party Girl
8 11 O' Clock Tick Tock
9 I Will Follow
10 "40"

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Thanks for the show man! I also agree the U2 is one talented band, definately one of the best of all time....

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kudochop said:
Thanks for the show man! I also agree the U2 is one talented band, definately one of the best of all time....

[/ QUOTE ]

They're definately up there. I truely don't think they get the credit they deserve. There was a lot of media play and cross marketing for some of the newer stuff... Beautiful Day, for instance was the theme song for Triple H's return to the WWF... all kinds of stuff like that. But there's a lot more to U2 than the media hyped songs. Just my $.02... not that you really asked for it

Ok ok... I'm shutting up. Track 4 is Into The Heart

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That's it for disc one guys. I'm getting ready to go home for the day... Enjoy this much for now. I'll get disc 2 up later on this evening if I can. If not, then I'll be on it 9:00 tomorrow morning

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oaks said:
Sounds real good dude. This is a really good show so far. Thanks for posting.

[/ QUOTE ]

No problem man, glad you like it! As far as quality goes, it really don't get much better than this... well, yeah it does, Strawberry's got a lossless version I'm itchin' to get my hands on
Even so, this show was so clean a recording that you can't hear much difference dropping down to MP3. Blast this one in a big stereo! It sounds great!!!

04 - I Threw A Brick Through A Window
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