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Sellersville Theater
Sellersville Pa
October 12 2009
W/ Openning act
Travis Larson Band

Recorded With Olympus Digital audio recorder DS-30 ( WMA format - lossy ) center stage
about 8 rows back. The recording came out great ( in my opinion )

I LOVE THIS BAND !!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE THIS VENUE !!!!!!!!!!
As Usual UFO was amazing, they seemed really on and in good spirits,great show , great setlist.
Phil seemed to be having fun ( what a ballbuster )even making fun of Obama winning Nobel Peace
Prize ( wich is a huge joke in its own ). Phils voice gets better and better as the years pass,
and Vinnie ( one of my fav. guitar players ) has found HIS "UFO" sound.

01 Intro
02 Save Me
03 When Daylight Goes To Town
04 Mother Mary
05 Let It Roll
06 I'm A Loser
07 Helldriver
08 Cherry
09 Only You Can Rock Me
10 Ain't No Baby
11 Love To Love
12 Mystery Train
13 Too Hot Too Handle
14 Lights Out
15 Rock Bottom
16 Doctor Doctor

PHIL MOGG - Vocals
PAUL RAYMOND - Keys/Guitar
Rob De Luca - Bass

Travis Larson Band:
Travis Larson - Guitar
Jennifer Young - Bass
Dale Moon - Drums

Check this band out, Travis is a good guitar player, but Jennifer's Bass playing
is out of this world, very talented young lady ( can you say Tim Bogert ).
They played about 25 min.

IF YOU DONT SAY THANKS :shame::stick::spank::chucks::icon_nono.... WELL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN GO DO !!!:cussing::leave:

ENJOY AND ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for this. It's nice to see them changing up the set-list.
I saw them a few years ago without Pete Way and it just wasn't the same. I know there are hundreds of better bass players, but visually he is such an important part of the UFO live experience. Hopefully he'll be well enough to tour in the future.

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Thanks for the great post.
Always good to hear another UFO show. Saw them here in UK in June and as always they were superb.

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