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Eisstadion, Mannheim
April 29, 1973


audience recording.. from the GEDEBA collection
Mp3 @ 320
Artwork Included

for sure a h.b recording..
but transferred from a at least 2nd gen cass
the master tape shows signs of detoriation
recorded with Grundig mic>AEG Telefunken R2R

hanwaker transfer (2009-01)
transferred off a cassette of unknown(but low)generation
repaired several level fluctations
GEDEBA cassette played back on NAKAMICHI CR 7e (azimuth aligned!-dolby off)--> edirol 04 (16-44)->HD
->cdwave-seperate tracks -flac (8)

the poster of the event does not list UFO
but a poster for the same kind offestival line-up from the day before shows UFO listed.. a common happening wayback then when bands cancelled

an appearance at a festival hence the short but complete set

1.) intro
2.) Move Over
3.) C'mon Everybody
4.) Looking for an Easy Life
5.) Sixteen-->
6.) Boogie For George

thanx to Gedeba for providing the cassette
thanx to H.B. for taping

uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2009-01

Phil Mogg - vocals
Bernie Marsden - guitar
Pete Way - bass
Andy Parker - drums

UFO - 1973-04-29 Mannheim mp3.rar - FileFactory

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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