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Gratitude for propylaen2001 coming through on this one.

Artist: UK
Location: Performing Arts Center, Sacramento, CA
Date: 29 July 1978
Recording: FM

Lineage: CDR>cdex151>wav>TLH>Flac8>You

This are the bonus tracks from a Japanese bootleg titled 'Edinburgh 1978'.
They appear to be part of an FM broadcast.
I have compared them to all of my UK 78 shows and they are not the same.
Wetton introduces 'The Only Thing She Needs' as 'The Only Thing THAT She Needs' which is a good reference
point. Maybe someone can identify the source from this comment?

1. Alaska
2. Time To Kill
3. The Only Thing (That) She Needs
4. Forever Until Sunday
5. Caesar's Palace Blues

John Wetton - Bass/Vocals
Eddie Jobson - Keyboards/Violin/Vocals
Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Bill Bruford - Drums

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