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Gratitude for propylaen2001 coming through on this one.

Artist: U.K.
Location: The Spectrum, Philadelphia
Date: March 24th 1979
Recording: SB/FM*

Lineage: Silver>cdex151>wav>TLH>Flac8>You

*This certainly sounds like a SB/FM recording, judging by the 'distant' crowd noise.
Can anyone from the US confirm a broadcast from this date?
It is taken from the old Japanese boot 'Lost UK Tape' on the 'Highland' label.
I have referred to 'Time To Kill' as 'Reprise' partly as it is only 1:30 or so in length and this distinguishes it from the full version, but mainly because 'Alaska' and 'Time To Kill' should have appeared between 'Carrying No Cross' and the Eddie Jobson solo. I guess these were either not played or have been edited from the 'broadcast'.
There's not much UK out there on Dime that I can see, so I'll add what I can.
Anyone else with more shows, please join in!
Can anyone confirm which of the Tokyo shows comprise the official 'Night After Night' release?
Is it just the 29th and 30th (which I believe to be the case), or is the 4th also part of the compilation?
I want to avoid uploading anything with official tracks. I know the Nagoya and Osaka shows are ok to use, I'm just not clear on the Tokyo dates. Anyone know more?
I do not believe that this has previously been on Dime, I could not find it on the current tracker or in dead torrents.
Apologies if it has been out there before.

1. Danger Money
2. The Only Thing She Needs
3. Nothing To Lose
4. Improvisation (Incl. John Wetton Bass Solo)
5. By The Light Of Day
6. Presto Vivace (Incl. Terry Bozzio Drum Solo)
7. In The Dead Of Night
8. Rendezvous 6:02
9. Thirty Years
10. Carrying No Cross
11. Eddie Jobson Violin Solo
12. Time To Kill (Reprise)
13. Caesar's Palace Blues

Total Time 1:14:06

John Wetton - Bass/Vocals
Eddie Jobson - Keyboards/Violin/Vocals
Terry Bozzio - Drums/Vocals

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