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UK - 2012-05-02 - Foxboro, MA
(Audience FLAC)

Showcase Live

Eddie Jobson
John Wetton
Terry Bozzio

2omni mics (binaural) > sharp minidisc > Protools > CDWAV > FLAC

01 Alaska
02 Night After Night
03 Thirty Years
04 Rendezvous 6:02
05 Carrying No Cross
06 Jobson Solo
07 Bozzio Solo
08 Fallen Angel (King Crimson)
09 Danger Money
10 In The Dead of Night
11 Caesar's Palace Blues
12 The Only Thing She Needs



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Excellent,than you!
Saw the show Sunday in Baltimore w/a meet n greet,rehearsal,etc.
Great show!
Bozzio didn't participate in the meet n greet,though,for anyone attending future shows,but I did get a quick chance to say hi and got a handshake,so not a total
I had my 'Danger Money' vinyl cover with me for all three to sign,but only got two...grrrr
Hopefully you'll have the Sunday,May 6th show as well. Always nice to have shows you actually went to.

Thanks again!!
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