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I'm turning 21 in about two weeks. I've been learning guitar for a few years but have not really been that disciplined and haven't made much progress. So I've been learning about brain plasticity online and learned that I have 4 more years of maximum brain plasticity. I want to make the absolute most of that time to become the best musician I can so I am taking these weeks before my birthday to devise and implement the best daily schedule possible for guitar practice. I want to be one of those really intense guys like Frusciante or Vai who practiced for 10 to 15 hours a day when they were young. I'm obviously starting later than they are but since experts say it take 10000 hours to master a skill I should be able to squeeze that in in the next four years as long as I continue to have no life. If any experienced musicians have advice or recommendations on what to practice or general help with my plan I would be really grateful. What is your practice schedule like?

Also, if I wanted to learn how to play guitar like Kaoru Abe plays saxophone by listening to his records and things how would I go about that? Thanks for reading and any help you give.
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