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hi you all this is an original piece i made basically im doing the rythm track and leads and used a keyboard for the drums i am currently workin on some lyrics for it ,, hope ya liked it ..thanks :jot:
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sounds good man :thumb:
thanks for checking it out buck ,,
This is a great original song, pickdust679"tim"! Great job on all the parts,nice flowing lead with minor tonal flavor! Sounds great and I enjoyed listening to it! Thanks for sharing it.
thanks for listening to it mare , enjoyed sharing it.
VERY COOL pick....I like the way you played this....very cool...:icon_thum :icon_thum :icon_thum
thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment ,,
Good job bro!!!! Some of the solo has a '60's psychedelic sound to it!!! I like!!!!!:icon_thum
Very nice job Tim ! Nice backing !:thumb:
thanks for listening SG , ZEPPY and RADAR , . means alot to hear good comments ,,thanks :)
I've hired Casio and Yamaha to play drums for me so many times ... but have faith, there's good percussion software out there to take you to the next level. This is a good solid composition and I'll be curious to see what you can do with lyrics. You might need to come up with a different chord progression for a bridge or alternate verse. That will really make it shine!
thanks for the positive feed back guys , and thanks for having a listen ,
I really like this one Pickdust. Very cool tune. Great job! :icon_thum
Thanks for sharing, sounds good :rock:
thanks waldo and rythameen for checking it out
Great stuff PIck....Very nice flow;)
thanks for saying rain, your too kind, :icon_peac
hey tim

hey jsut found your backing by accidnet on here .

i didnt knwo your name on here even til now

always looking for a good backing to jam to and this is great

:thumbup: angel
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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