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it's about trial and improvement and experimentation with the v-amp2. me, and rhythm guitarist in my band both use them, and get the best tones, and solo boosts.

i'm only 16, but been playing guitar for 9 years. and it's only last 2 years, i've been coming to terms with 'sound'. when i first bought the v-amp2 two years ago, i loved it, and through trial and improvement got a tone/amp model that suited me, my guitar, and my style. now that tone is absolutely disgusting

i can't believe how your ear training changes your appreciation of sound. now, i've totally gone off the v-amp2, it sounds too digital, although a good little toy. i can't afford a decent amp setup, although the way i worked with mine at the moment, it's good enough. i've combined my pre-set v-amp2 amp modeller, with my vintage carvin 212 bel-air, and got a yamaha delay, through to an arion chorus, through to a marshall boost pedal to a morley wah, to my peavey korean wolfie, or my :chucks: japanese RG570. the tones i get are great, and suit me real fine. but once i'm rich enough, i'll surely upgrade asap.

my setup now, sounds as less digital as i can get it. the tubes in the carvin sure as hell help that. other guitarist in my band, uses a peavey transtube bandit, with a v-amp2, and an Ibanez S series Custom:notme: . he sounds more digital than me, but together we create a great balance, which is brilliant for the iron maiden, thin lizzy duelling, and hair metal stuff which i love, like whitesnake, van halen, then the much appreciated instrumental stuff, like satriani, vai.

some tips with v-amp2, :icon_nono don't use too much gain, no matter what stlye, even if it's death metal:icon_evil , and lesser treble than you think..
well suppose it is down to the individual, good luck though
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