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hello, for those of you who make your own patches using the v-amp edditing software at behringer, can you guys answer some questions please.
a) can you edit patches wtih out your v-amp pro being connected to the computer?
b) can you listen to what your patches sound like on your computer?

if you guys could post some info. answer my two questions that would be really reallly nice. and if you guys wanna post any additional info that you think might be helpful, that would be awesome. thank you.

You CAN edit patches without the MIDI connection to your computer, but I am under the impression that you CANT turn off the cabinet simulation (or is it the amp modeling). I was only able to turn off the modeling with my Bass Vamp Pro using a MIDI connection (for guitar use with a guitar amp that hates the simulation effects).

When you are using the Behringer software while connected to the Vamp model of your choice, you are doing so in real-time. If you have a guitar plugged in and the Vamp is plugged into an amp, you can hear your changes in real-time as you change the settings. The software allows you to EDIT, MOVE, COPY, SWAP, and save patches to the many banks of the Vamp products. AND, all of this in real-time.

You do need to get a MIDI controller cable for your computer. I use an EDIROL USB/MIDI cable I got from a local music store for 30.00 because it was an 'open box item'. The price is usually around 50-60 for it otherwise. Other than getting the Vamp (Pro and 2), this was the best money spent, as it gives you access to all parameters directly and you can customize how you want the banks to be layed out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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