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Hey, guys.

I've been looking at some effects pedals and then I saw this wonderful looking thing in my American Musical Supply catalog. Does anyone have it and can you tell me anything about it?

Well, I've seen this thing and the MIDI capability and I've just about decided to get it and the FCB1010 foot controller instead of an effects processor, so what I really need to know I guess, is how this whole mono/stereo/ohms thing works.

The amp is a 2X60 watt head and I was wondering how it's gonna match up with my MG412A cab. Is it gonna run at 60w because I'm only running mono? Or is it gonna dump the whole 120 on my one poor little cab? What are ohms all about? Is my cabinet even gonna be compatible? I can't find the ohm rating anywhere on the internet. There is very little info floating around on this cab. Well, thanks for everybody's opinions. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Archduke Jonesy
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