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I have a problem:
Im planning to buy vamp2 but I can't find any place where i could play on it. I guess behringer just doesn't give a damn about Polish guitarists
. I have a chance for buying one tought, because my bro is goin to the States on January (but i still wont be able to check it out before buiyng).
I've allready heard some stuff played throught vamp2 on this site and i think its great but i would really like to hear it without any backing instruments (f.e. like wahwah did with the new Pod upgrade).
I meen some kind of a lead tone, maybe a little heavier sound and a clean one
So if anyone could find some time to record and submit any short samples - i would be very gratefull

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Here's a link to some samples/patches done by someone on the V-Amp forum.
V-Amp samples
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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