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Van Halen
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Audience Recording?

Lineage-2 EMI-C60s->CD Wav->Cool Edit Pro->CD Wav For Track Split->Traders Little Helper->You!

1. Unchained
2. Hot For Teacher - Drum Solo
3. On Fire
4. Runnin With The Devil
5. Little Guitars
6. House Of Pain
7. Michael Anthony - Bass Solo
8. I'll Wait
9. Everybody Wants Some
10. Pretty Woman
11. 1984
12. Jump
13. Eddie Van Halen-Guitar Solo
14. Panama
15. You Really Got Me (inc Happy trails)

This originally came to me as part of a trade back in 1984 and was on two EMI C60's
I have copied all four sides and spliced them together in cool edit pro to make this complete show
Not sure what equipment was used so i cant give you the full lineage

Not sure whether this is a really good audience recording or a soundboard.....I'll leave that to you to judge!
The quality is excellent for its age and there are a few slight drop outs here and there (again,these are on the original tape)

I have copied the tape straight with no added frills so if anybody out there can clean it up then please feel free!
It has a nice bright clean sound but is a bit OTT on the bass
Perhaps one of you guys can clean it up and repost it

Dont have any artwork Im afraid but if you wanna do some....Be my guest (over to you eruption1962)

This show runs for 1 hour and 20 minutes so will fit on one cd

This is my second torrent and would like to think i am getting the hang of it now.........more to come but no more VH

Not sure if this has been seeded on here before and im sure you guys will let me know otherwise

Please let me know if this is OK!

Enjoy and share freely...........

Download Here:!z0ZwGITZ!RVtx-xxHNFmR5gkq_j1LHHSjqlhBKGj48Wyy8KJhcng

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I still have the original vinyl boot 2lp of this. This is an audience recording. Easily the best sounding VH 1984 show.
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