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CD 1:

Without You
One I Want
Mean Street
When It´s Love
Fire In The Hole
Why Can´t This Be Love
Romeo Delight
Drum Solo
Dance The Night Away
Feel Your Love Tonight
Human Being
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Year To The Day

CD 2:

Guitar Solo / Year To The Day (Continued)
Right Now
Ain´t Talkin´ Bout Love

Download Here;

The tour under-performed by Van Halen standards (albeit at a commercial level; reviews were positive), and was the last part of Van Halen's general decline after the early 1990s. It would be Van Halen's last tour until 2004, and last moment of stability (the 2004 tour was surrounded with controversy, and was the band's last until 2007). It was Van Halen's last tour outside of North America until the 2012-2013 A Different Kind of Truth Tour, with dates in Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Japan. The Australian and New Zealand concerts were the first in Van Halen's history, and despite poor sales in some regions, these concerts were very popular. The band brought all the equipment for their US arena tour with them, whereas many bands scale down for Oceanic tours.

One of the benefits of Gary Cherone, who joined Van Halen as a big fan of the band, was his willingness to include material from both previous Van Halen vocalists. Sammy Hagar had only allowed a few Roth-era classics into his sets while he sang for Van Halen, much to fan disappointment. Also Cherone's voice was deeper than Hagar's, making it more suited to Roth-era songs, yet he possessed enough vocal range to perform Hagar-era songs as well. (Subsequently, when Roth rejoined Van Halen in 2007, he did not allow any Hagar-era material on the concert set lists.)!FZhEXBCJ!LO1fdRvpyU48s47y8jyOvw-1TS403VhzF0XjfYDHnNU

However, dissatisfaction with the new album and the band's various troubles in 1996 (big press arguments over Sammy Hagar's sudden departure, followed by a brief reunion with Roth which also ended abruptly) led to the tour's low popularity. Grunge had changed the face of rock music, and Van Halen's fame had endured due to their past heritage, which they lost when Hagar left.

Alex Van Halen was reported as looking sick throughout the first leg of the tour, because of an arm injury. This led to most of the European dates being cancelled, as well as other later dates. The Puerto Rico date was cancelled at first due to a hurricane, but also a second time due to Gary Cherone having tonsillitis - luckily this was the last date of the tour.

This was the first tour that did not feature an instrumental Michael Anthony bass solo. He did however sing lead vocals on "Somebody Get Me a Doctor" nightly. On occasion, Eddie shared lead vocals for a song.

Download Here;
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