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Van Halen Cover

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This is my cover of Runnin with the Devil....

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That tone is RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bowdown:
Nice seeing you posting again Leon...nice work mate. :thumb:
Sounds about perfect YYZ. That song is so simple, yet so effective. I wonder how may times I have listened to it since 1978? 10-20 thousand? Still sounds great!
excellent rendition YYZ, heh such a great song ya could play it a million times and it would still sound great!! ;)
Sounds freakin great.................. :thumb: :rock: :thumb:
Nice playing! This is actually very difficult to play but you kept it tight. Jeez, I thought I left comments on this thread a long time ago? Sorry about that.
Nicely done m8 :)

I could here the vocals as I listened to that :) cool

stay cool
:thumb: Bully
Leon! It's an awesome job!! I too thought I had left comments long ago..
Heck of a job on it!!! :yumyum: :D :rock:
Awesome guitar work Leon! you kept this really nice and tight,, and the tone well matched! can't go wrong jammin vh tunes! wtg man! awesome job!:thumb:
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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