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A couple of years ago I started getting into vinyl. I must say, I've become kind of an "artsy" type about them. I mean, listening to a record as opposed to a CD is just different in an experience alone. To listen to a record, you have to pull out the sleeve and look at the pictures on the album. A CD you can just throw in and not care about the band at all. Maybe it's just me, but I really cherish and enjoy vinyl records while I just listen CD's.

As far as Van Halen, "Van Halen" was the first vinyl I ever bought (just 10 years ago or so). I now have every album mint through "Balance," with that one sealed. I also have the red Loonie Tunes radio copy still sealed (my best piece of the collection). They didn't make any others that I'm aware of (RHRN or VH3). Since I have 2 copies of each (one for listening and one for mint), I had to buy a nice record player for my stereo. They're hard to find and kind of pricey now, but definitely worth it. I've collected a lot of 70's classic rock and 80's hair metal since then, and records just "breathe" when you play them. Cranked up, it sounds like the amps are in the room with you!!!!:rock:
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