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I will not claim this news as mine. I was alerted to this fact by another forum about an UPDATE on the VHND! That's right...finally some news from the best little Van Halen news site that was till Grant sold it.

Here is what was posted.
Glad to see some action at last.

VHND Commandeered By Fans
October 24th, 2004

The Van Halen News Desk was the brainchild of an Aussie by the name of Grant Fisher, a fan looking for a way to express his love of the band and offer a service to fellow fans. His dedication to this site over the years earned the loyalty of many around the globe who learned that they could depend on the VHND as their primary source of information about Van Halen and its members.

When he could no longer devote the time necessary to maintain the site with the same thoroughness and zeal that had been the fundament of his reputation, he passed the responsibility on to fans that could. This has been a banner year for both Van Halen and the VHND, with the first world tour in much too long and the release of three new tunes. We here at the news desk are proud that we were able to bring more updates to the site in the first half of the year than it had seen in the previous several years and we were on pace to post more stories in a calendar year than at any time in the history of the site when we made a well-intentioned error. We turned the tech side of things over to a web pro that promised miracles of hitherto unimagined proportions. . .if only we could be patient until they were ready.

So we waited. . . and waited. . . and waited.

We won't waste your time with all the details but believe us when we tell you that we appreciate the frustration and disappointment that the fans have voiced during our recent silence. We know you have been aggravated with the state of the news desk, but you can be assured that our frustration has been even greater. After countless hours of conference calls, emails, spec'ing and respec'ing the project a product was delivered that turned out to be a half-hearted attempt to recycle another site they had written for another client that was not suitable by any measure for use as the Van Halen News Desk. So an executive decision has been made. Forget the pros, we'll do it ourselves, just the way it has always been here at the VHND where the fans gather the news and rumors and put them in a spot where the world can keep on top of it all.

It will take a little time to get things up to speed here but good things are on the way. Please accept our apologies for failing to keep you up to speed in recent times. We plan to make it up to you big time with a veritable cavalcade of stories covering the most important events since our last update.

It's all about...
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It's about time!
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