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After a week in the outback I had a plenty of time to sit and think about the world. In the past I have pissed and moaned about Van Halen not touring Australia. What I did not think of is where could they play that would generate the most goodwill for the people. Sure Australians would love them, but the lives of many of those who go to show would only be uplifted on thre whole for a small time and many would return to their safe, comfortable lives.

I have thought about where should Van Halen tour. I think there may be some places on this planet that may need a good Van Halen show to shake them up a bit, give people some hope, smile on their face and bring maybe some light, laughter and good karma to their lives.

So where on God's green Earth do you think Van Halen should play? Maybe a good reason as well would be good to add.

1. Middle East.
I'm not kidding. This would be a tremendous gesture of good will to the people who have been starved of good old fashioned rock and roll. I viewed a program here in Oz on a group of hard core, underground rockers in Iraq who spent their days pre-war listening to bootleg copies of American music. They played music under the constant threat of arrest for crimes against the state. A point they made was that there was a thriving black market for this type music. This music (all types of metal, mainly heavier styles) is embraced by the teenagers of the country and is one of their only escapes they have. I say let Van Halen rock the Kasbah! Thoughts?

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