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To each his own, but...

Like Strat 78 said, ATBL is an easier song to PLAY but to get to SOUND like Ed on the album is another thing. WIth the reverb, the echo, and the Flanger all working on the same page is one thing....the chorus riff that he goes into right after the intro and again in the the chorus is very hard to get that bounce back of the A chord. Ive seen tons of people play it just downpicking, chunking awaay on a muted open A, hitting it again and then hitting the G chord, but if you listen, this is not how Ed plays it, especially if you listen closely to the notes hes hitting and what is the delay. And the solo is impossible b/c he sounds like he used a sitar over the top of it. You can get **close** using a Phase 90 but it is not exactly what is there.

As far as Unchained goes, the pre-chorus, you know the "THought youd never miss me till I got a Fat City address" is hard to pull off b/c he is not just sliding G-F and then A-G; he is hitting chords on the E-A strings as well and then to time it right with the descending chromatic thing that he does right before the chorus is tough to time as well.

As far as EVH, Vai, Satch, etc. Each has there strong points. Lynch is probably faster than all of them and then maybe Gilbert or someone like that is even faster than Lynch, etc. Each guitarist has their niche or whatnot; like Strat said, try and learn from everyone. EVH didnt just lock himself in a closet and listen to Clapton and no one else. I will say however, that like the one dude on here who has Zakk Wylde claiming that EVH is the complete package - i will agree - Eddie can write a riff, sing, write a song, play some killer licks and he definitely doesnt "Copy" his shit - he was original not only playing but how to use an amp, build a guitar, etc. He is original, which is pretty rare, especially nowadays when it seems like 90% of new music is in dropped tuning with a guy screaming his head off for vocals and the drummer doing double bass. I wish music was more "original" like EVH was back in the day.

Just my $.02, FWIW.

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