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I myself wouldn't consider any Van Halen song easy. They all have some work involved with them. You all have to look at a beginner's point of view! When you all started out on guitar,, did you take "Ain't Talkin Bout Love" and learn it as your fist song? I dont think so.I can almost bet on that one.The beginning riff in Ain't talkin bout love has alot of finger movement in it,, and is not an eay one to execute,, especially from a beginner's aspect.. Sure,, it may be easy for all that have Yrs of playing under their belt,,, But take that riff and show it to a beginning guitarist,, who is learning,,, and you will know what I mean. I know this,, because I'm teaching some students guitar,, and one of the tunes im teaching him is "Ain't talkin Bout Love",,, and he is finding out that it isnt an easy riff to get down,, and he is one of my top learning students,, plus it helps him get his fingers to move more and open up on the fretboard. Calling Van Halen easy guitar is just insane,, and just like Strat78 said,,, to do his music with same as Ed with everything flawless,, and notes spot on and all,,with same emphasis as Ed,, Id like to hear that.. because for one thing you wont.. Everyone has different size fingers,, plays and touches the fretboard in every way shape or form differently,, cause we all are not the same,, and the amount of attack with the pick,, etc.. changes from one person to another. I do agree,, if you wanna start on a VH tune,, I'd work on aint talkin bout love,,, or the rhythm in "Where have all the good times gone" is a good starting point as well,, plus if you wanna learn some diatonic chords,, learn to play "Black and Blue" its a great tune,, but im gonna tell ya it isnt easy,, but then again ,, none of van halen's tunes are. as for people saying that panama is easy,, sure,, its easy riff wise if you been playing 2 to 3 yrs ,, but not for a beginner.everyone has to go back and look at these things from a beginniners point of view.:icon_thum
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