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Fife Aid, Craigtoun Country Park, St. Andrews, Scotland;

01. Celtic Excavation
02. Queen Of The Slipstream
03. Someone Like You
04. I Forgot That Love Existed
05. In The Garden
06. A Sense Of Wonder
07. Help Me
08. Irish Heartbeat
09. Star Of The County Down
10. Raglan Road
* LACKING - Marie's Wedding (Found for you Ben)
11. Cleaning Windows
12. Bright Side Of The Road

Van Morrison – vocals & other instruments (??)
Neil Drinkwater - piano
Clive Culbertson - bass
June Boyce - background vocals
Jim Condie - guitar
Mark Forshaw - drums
Graham Weir - trombone & accordion
Neil Weir - trumpet
Nick Robertson - alto saxophone
Colin Blakey - penny whistle
Liz McEwan - background vocals

SOURCE: Soundboard
LINEAGE: unknown generation type-II cassette tape > CD-R > EAC wav > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > Dime

The speed on this seems slightly slow to my ears. The correct date may be 1988-07-24. 3 tracks were officially released on the VHS/DVD video Eco Rock: Festival For A Green Future: A Sense of Wonder, Marie's Wedding, Cleaning Windows. See:

Comments by guitarist for the gig Jim Condie:
The performance was as part of "Fife Aid", one of a bunch of concerts in the aftermath of "Live Aid". Also on the bill (a 3-day festival) were Marillion, John Martyn, Rick Wakeman, Jack Bruce, Runrig, Blues 'n' Trouble, Tam White & Boz Burrell, and Davy Spillane.

It rained the entire weekend until Van took the stage (9pm on the Sunday - last act to go on) when the setting sun broke through the clouds for exactly the hour we played! Then gale force winds sprang up and overnight tore the tarps to shreds.

The crowd was about 15,000 strong, though the organizers had hoped for a turnout of 60,000+. The original idea had been to satellite link this festival with others in, I think, Delhi and California. The initial plan had attracted quite a few biggish names like Go West, Transvision Vamp, and even David Bowie expressed interest. As it was, the organizers suffered a substantial loss at the end of the day.

Anyway, Van agreed to do the gig on the understanding that his performance was not to be on the satellite link, and that a band comprising locally-based musicians be assembled, as his London band would've cost too much to bring up. This is where I came in. I put together a band of Scottish musos, and we rehearsed the set on the Saturday, and played the gig on the Sunday. Van brought 3 band members up with him.

FLAC\01. Celtic Excavation.flac:11f0b343fc7763f38081466b6b6d79bf
FLAC\02. Queen Of The Slipstream.flac:98372335d7d104f6650f9d5e9ed46968
FLAC\03. Someone Like You.flac:fee27c78df4327e6e7d62e1d532157e2
FLAC\04. I Forgot That Love Existed.flac:421f4adef707a6fb08ef06a75ec3f217
FLAC\05. In The Garden.flac:512675dc69465cd483633f26d6cc27f5
FLAC\06. A Sense Of Wonder.flac:15fe6607ec5806ae021bcce7ec92e1a3
FLAC\07. Help Me.flac:6dfcb1494ff4fa005df1dff2c8d8e616
FLAC\08. Irish Heartbeat.flac:b04b891d63fa32c9f34b710472a21d84
FLAC\09. Star Of The County Down.flac:8f0d1ffed63b57b34c996d5ad5d44aa9
FLAC\10. Raglan Road.flac:fb93f3df8e9f7787f77d85077e7b7381
FLAC\11. Cleaning Windows.flac:a05aa917f1b7540f6dfafc4ca017a1e4
FLAC\12. Bright Side Of The Road.flac:d3cfa69eddd4d385b5da65ac167d1c31

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