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VAN MORRISON - Shot Down in May
Bootleg CD - (Live at The Temple Bar with Richie Buckley Jazz Group May 29th,1997)
Notes: Track 1 "Ain't That Loving You Babe and Track 5 "Did Ye Get Healed" did not pass the auCDtect Flac Report - They sound killer, put they are and reporting an MPEG source, all the other files passed toot sweet No Problems.
FFP,MD5, Original, and Enhanced art work included , this is a really clean sounding boot and one of my favorites.

Collector's Archives (CA.053)
Set List:
1. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
2. All Saint's Day
3. Centerpiece
4. Early In The Morning
5. Did Ye Get Healed
6. I Will Be There
7. Who Can I Turn To
8. Symphony Sid
9 That's Life
10. Sticks And Stones
11. Lonely Avenue
12. You Don't Know Me
13. Moondance

Total time: (69:20)
Recorded live at the Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin May 29, 1997 with Richie Buckley Jazz Group. Backup singer is reportedly Haji's daughter, Marie Dickinson (Haji Ahkba of Van's band, a former member of the James Brown Horns, and formerly known as George Dickinson).
Review from David Walker: In addition to the approx. 70 minutes audio part, which is playable on all standard CD players, there is a data track on this CD which has the song lyrics.

Sound is an absolutely brilliant audience recording. This is a stunning show that is very strongly recommended for collectors. Van Morrison and Richie Buckley Jazz Group Live at the Temple Bar May 29th, 1997

(See also Live in Dublin, a 2-CD boot of the entire show. (Van Morrison and Richard Buckley Live at the Temple Bar Double - May 29th,1997 Complete - soon to come)

Part of the unofficial website

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; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on October 2, 2011, at 22:37:53

1. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby - Van Morrison.flac:0437d32df69fda359dd7a2c58fedb2c3
10. Sticks And Stones - Van Morrison.flac:8d4c721a0a88bbeee2c0706302327d84
11. Lonely Avenue - Van Morrison.flac:624e579ac9b825f46e3fdd801c61e19d
12. You Don't Know Me - Van Morrison.flac:e9083641d58972c1915b52836f7cb723
13. Moondance - Van Morrison.flac:c08b43ccfae4b297691a56612b34a804
2. All Saints Day - Van Morrison.flac:53e9c2b627265388fc026fd8a452e883
3. Centerpiece - Van Morrison.flac:124e99e07c24a4591d10e6b9ca18caed
4. Early In The Morning - Van Morrison.flac:f7560070e876751abdf109190a94ee41
5. Did Ye Get Healed - Van Morrison.flac:25600e4ddd06c295e206eabf886010b5
6. I Will Be There - Van Morrison.flac:a644dfc5eb51d63529a9842852617af7
7. Who Can I Turn To - Van Morrison.flac:c2d7f2a8a35426899a786ae95acca1a3
8. Symphony Sid - Van Morrison.flac:d1cb2430018a723696ccb4c8708cf844
9. That's Life - Van Morrison.flac:6b7b02fd10cef02dfcbf6d2d29752ea9
; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on October 2, 2011, at 22:38:30

b7b6a3697eb7fb507e26a70af58f38e5 *1. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby - Van Morrison.flac
888c283b0e68a832985b3b1f2649690d *10. Sticks And Stones - Van Morrison.flac
fa95c23731508b1ffd1162b6b5325bdb *11. Lonely Avenue - Van Morrison.flac
9ac5e594fb9d3ec447f3554965aa4b16 *12. You Don't Know Me - Van Morrison.flac
7193d25d4e06d0a42c4fd99a599a0ded *13. Moondance - Van Morrison.flac
658a4720375d1a1c1f2a9279330c0979 *1997_05_29_Shot_Down_back_.jpg
22bb9b45da9ce407b4ec8222804c4c1d *1997_05_29_Shot_Down_Disc [150DPI]_.jpg
55bf33f5117052eff5bbe0aa39bf8554 *1997_05_29_Shot_Down_front folder [150DPI]_.jpg
32b165268c70706e90db676acdf39d2e *1997_05_29_Shot_Down_front_.jpg
942d6931c936818117d9d01477d0548f *2. All Saints Day - Van Morrison.flac
6762080094aea16d6c88c05ddf81f321 *3. Centerpiece - Van Morrison.flac
4210ae31f93b7c20abaefa62f4444adc *4. Early In The Morning - Van Morrison.flac
4bac240717286e507911e29660ccdb86 *5. Did Ye Get Healed - Van Morrison.flac
e0ac89f5ddace5a36b21955a223b63f8 *6. I Will Be There - Van Morrison.flac
0d5c7574e215e61185b9de70853df504 *7. Who Can I Turn To - Van Morrison.flac
0c73a554f363305af495e8cb7b2248cc *8. Symphony Sid - Van Morrison.flac
c357b71b39a2733ece2144c374ea26ef *9. That's Life - Van Morrison.flac
ade9a95e5f4e4a4d94d6a8716ae13cf8 *Folder.auCDtect.txt
99fde09475ee025834bca7934a753b81 *V.M. SHOT DOWN IN MAY (05.29.97) - Flac.ffp
10f2d8ef70ee8eecd22eba738e072f27 *V.M. Shot Down In May INFO and TRACK LIST.rtf
7b238e9dee998b825699d4a115e6d74c *Original Art\1997_05_29_Shot_Down_back.jpg
86f010b8b005e2361a7546194ec176c8 *Original Art\1997_05_29_Shot_Down_Disc [150DPI].jpg
1d8655e1bfa884007361241e423f40d5 *Original Art\1997_05_29_Shot_Down_front folder [150DPI].jpg
c8ec55acfd930cdf5691a1cab0ac20e7 *Original Art\1997_05_29_Shot_Down_front.jpg
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