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Wally Tax was the famous singer for the legendary Dutch sixtiespunk band The Outsiders. When Wally died suddenly in 2005, he didn't have a penny left for his burial, so a bunch of befriended musicians decided to set up a fundraising concert for the legendary singer. These are the soundboard recordings which were never officially released in any way. As it was a historic moment in time for many musiclovers, i decided to share this gem wit you all.

Various Artists
Amsterdam, Paradiso

0101 Intro Luc Taekema
0102 Thinking About Today (Wally’s band + Ron Splinter)
0103 Touch (Peter te Bos and Philip Elzerman)
0104 Fake It Alone (Nina de la Parra)
0105 Miss Wonderfull (Ross Curry)
0106 Never Too Far (Ross Curry)
0107 So Much To Say That Isn't Said (Ben and Aja Waalwijk)
0108 Springtime In Amsterdam (Ben and Aja Waalwijk)
0109 Let's Dance (Ben and Aja Waalwijk)
0110 Morgen Begin Ik Meteen (Huub van der Lubbe)
0111 pauze outtro Luc Taekema
0112 pauze muziek

Download HERE

0201 pauze muziek Margio
0202 Lying All The Time (Armand)
0203 Story 16 (Philip Elzerman)
0204 That's Your Problem (Philip Elzerman)
0205 I Love Her Still, I Always Will (Jerry Turner)
0206 Thinking About Today (Jerry Turner)
0207 You Mistreat Me (The Dam + Jerry Turner)
0208 You Remind Me (The Dam + Jerry Turner)
0209 Do You Feel Allright (The Dam + Jerry Turner)
0210 Won't You Listen (de Nederbietels + Buzz and Ronnie Splinter)
0211 Filthy Rich (de Nederbietels + Buzz and Ronnie Splinter)
0212 Sun's Going Down (Thé Lau)
0213 The Entertainer (Richard Janssen)
0214 Bridges Are Burning (Richard Janssen)
0215 Still Can't Get You Off My Mind (Ross Curry and Jibbe Meyers)
0216 Lying All The Time (Henk Hofstede)
0217 Even Stilte (Freek de Jonge)

Download HERE

0301 Vergeet Mij Niet (Freek de Jonge and RJ Stips)
0302 Wally (Freek de Jonge and RJ Stips)
0303 It's Raining In My Heart (Freek de Jonge and RJ Stips)
0304 Appie is weg
0305 drums Buzz
0306 Appie is gevonden
0307 Thinking About Today (Jerry Turner)
0308 muziek terwijl Paradiso leegloopt
0309 radio 18 april 2005
0310 radio Desmet live 21 juni 2005
Interview and muziek by the Wally Tax Tribute band
0311 The Entertainer
0312 Miss Wonderfull
0313 Lying All The Time
0314 Never Too Far
0315 Sun's Going Down

Download HERE
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