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Venom Deadline Demo '86

Original notes:
The last great studio recording of the original line up. Venom went into the studio to work on their

latest album in March/April of 1986, tentatively titled "DEADLINE" the album was to never see the light of

day and most of the tracks were rerecorded with a new line-up and released as "Calm Before The Storm". Now

you can hear these tracks as they were meant to be with the real Venom line-up!

Gold Vinyl with Poster (Photo of both things included and cover)


Side A:
Let Loose The Dogs (Unreleased)
The Chanting Of The Priests
Black X-Mas

Side B:
A Bite Before Evil (Unreleased)
Love Amongst The Dead
Metal Punk
Calm Before The Storm (Outro)

Download link:

Ripped by purgatorium at 320 Kbit/s
Shared by Azrael-Doom

Thanks both

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It's not a great sound and some songs was splitted in wrong place but I don't found another version, but good raw songs !
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