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Vernon Reid's Living Colour
July 19, 1984

Aud>Realistic Stereo mic>Marantz PMD340>Master Cassette


Microphone on table about 15 ft from stage Recorded with auto-level engaged, so its a bit hot and compressed sounding

Vernon Reid Guitars, Vocals
Alex Mosely Bass Synth Backing Vocals
Greg Carter Drums

Planet Earth
Funny Vibe
Missing In Action
Empire Pan Africa
Personal Anarchy
I Have No Mouth, But I Must Scream

This is, I believe, the 2nd ever Living Colour gig. The first time they played CBGB. The original line-up, and the original 15 or 20 Living Colour fans(listen during the applause)

I have really fond memories of the early/mid 80's and this band was one of the main reasons. Besides Vernon, the wunderkind from brooklyn who blew everyone away during his tenure in Ronald Shannon Jacksons Decoding Society, this band featured Alex Mosely who went on to be the brains behind Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam, and Greg Carter, formerly the drummer with the Jan Hammer group.

Even though they play Funny Vibe, this band was a bit different from the Living Color that recorded for CBS. This has a rock-fusion edge to it with longer, wilder guitar solos and less reliance on pop song-form.

It's a shame that some of these excellent instrumental tunes have never seen a legit release....If you didn't get this on one of my previous seeds, get it now!

Living Colour - 1984-07-19 New York City flac.rar - FileFactory

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