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Vintage Early 80's X100B Half Stack

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Ç Ä R V Ï Ñ XÎÒÓb  M P / 4 X 12" Ç Ê L Ë S T Ï Õ Ñ Ç À ß

Ç Ä R V Ï Ñ XÎÒÓB Â M P / 4 X 12" Ç Ê L Ë S T Ï Õ Ñ Ç À ß

Vintage Early '80's.
Original Owner​
4 X 12" Celestion 70 W Wedge Cabinet and 100 W RMS X100B Amp.
Well cared for. 6L6's and 12AX7 Tubes!! 100/60 W RMS switch ,
Pull out Knobs, Bright, Drive, Vol. Boost,​
Pre-Amp Out, Power Amp In 2 X 4 Ohm & 1 X 8 Ohm Speaker Outs,
Slave Out with vol. , Foot Switch outs, 120V/240V Power,
Reverb Duel Channel, 5 Band Graphic EQ Switchable, 2 Channels, Hi/Low Instrument InPuts, 600 Ohm Out (wired 2 PIN HI)

Man....I could go on and on..
Series III X100B Serial # Z-67339​
IT's LOUD , and the 4 - 12" 70 W Celestions can handle it!!!

$700.00 plus shipping..
Pics at the following link...
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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