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Vixen – Freiburg (Germany) – February 22, 1991 *** A NIGHT TO REMEMBER speed corrected edition

Artist: Vixen
Style: Rock / Hard Rock
Date: Friday, February 22, 1991 (1991-02-22)
City: Freiburg
Country: Germany
Venue: Stadthalle
CD Title: A Night To Remember speed corrected edition
Promoted Album: Rev It Up

My first transfer from 1998 came straight from a first generation audio tape which I received from the guy who recorded this spectacular show. I am still highly grateful to him. This show along with the famous STuttgart 1993 show are among my Top 5 Deep Purple gigs.
Although the recording I received back then is of very good sound quality it has a tiny flaw - it runs slightly too fast.
I corrected the speed by using a digital guitar tuner. As the recording had still some headroom, I raised the volume just a little bit - a tad more on the right channel.
In addition to this I´d like to dedicate this recording to the sadly passing of Jan Kuehnemund on October 10, 2013.

Sources: Audience (1st generation audio tapes)
Sound quality: average


Intro - Foxy lady
Rev it up
Edge of a broken heart
Not a minute too soon
Love is a killer
Bass solo
Drums solo
Bad reputation
How much love

Jan Kuehnemund – guitar
Janet Garnder – vocals & guitars
Share Pedersen – bass
Roxy Petrucci – drums
John Thomas – keyboards

a) Big thank-you for the guys who recorded the show – all credits to them!
b) Please support the artist and buy his albums and visit his shows.
c) More info to be found at &
d) This recording is strictly for f r e e trading purposes only and should remain as it is.
e) I am sorry, but my bandwidth is limited and I can´t seed 24/7.
f) But most important: Enjoy the show!

The original non-speed corrected album was first uploaded at DIME on February 20, 2010.!5V50TKRT!tpphnS8YWP7ocRhD2a8uK-alGX8m2K0dzGMj6h7X-tU
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