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wah1 vs rythameen (10 votes to win)

  • wah1

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • rythameen

    Votes: 10 76.9%

wah1 vs rythameen

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here is my blues ,it's a total improvisation with istak and everything in it but i like this ine bluesmusic
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thanx weldaar for the bt :p it's strange someone vote for rythameen but he didnt post his trak yet :dunno:
And here is mine, some improv, obviously a lot sticking to the original. I picked this, because I always wanted to do it when I was in a band many moons ago, but the others didn't want to do blues. Good luck Wah, I really like your entry.
great playing rythameen :icon_thum i like this song
Yeah, I don't get it, I saw that and was very surprised. Can we reset the voting?
it's ok rythameen ,anyway i dont think i gonne wine on this one so leave it like this :thumb:
Had to go with Rythameen on this one. I just love clapton. :bowdown: :bowdown: Rythameen :bowdown: :bowdown:
Ok, I'm gonna try to give some comments on this one.

Wah1: Love the tone and feel you had going on. Maybe a couple too many and too long spots without any lead. But it made it that much sweeter when the lead guitar came in.

Rythameen: That sound you got there is so similar to Clapton's. I recognize quite a few licks here and there from that version too.

Great playing the both of ya. I'm voting wah1 this time. There were just so much blues in that one!
rythameen, good job on hideaway I wish I could've gone same backing against you.I like playing that song it's fun to go through..
as for my comments nai pretty much said them..
Good job guys
great blues exhibition.....wah had a great backer which i felt made it too easy...where Rythym had to work his ass off on a lot harder of a on that point alone ..Rythym gets it...WTG!
Great blues from both!

wah...loved it but felt the backing sometimes subdued you...which is wierd as usually with guitarists it's the other way round! I think your blues style is fantastic-you're real economic so that makes the listener more eager to listen. I just feel you need to phrase certain parts a bit more prominent where the music swells. Your blues is very real but I'd like to hear you get 'angry' with it sometimes!

rythameen...wicked take on an original blues track. I've only heard the version on Jeff Healey's album with I think Robbie Blunt trading licks. Loved it becuase you brought it in and out, up and down with the swells and phrasing.

Great stuff from both but went with rythameen for the above. :thumb:
I want to thank everyone that voted for me. And I especially want to thank Wah1, to me yours sounded just as good. :rock: I have never done anything like this before, and it was great fun. Looking forward to doing it again.
thanxrythameen if yyou want give me a revenge i m ok lol
realy if you wantmake a other one but this time we use the same bt,it can be fun to see how we playe ove the same bt ,different touch and feel ect...
let me know :devilchil
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