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All, I am looking for a few select interviews that I am missing from this list....
but if anyone has this entire old post somewhere could you please post it for me?

It was called KISS Radio Show Collection 1974-1983

See CD listing below for what it looked like.

DESPERATELY seeking the interviews I am missing and my OCD as a completest is raging mad. PLEASE HELP if you collect anything KISS and happen to have any, all, or part of this GREAT collection available.

Really want the 76-77 stuff that I am missing as soon as humanly possible if you can help

Thanks in advance

Radio Show Collection 1974/1975 (108 min.)

Various radio footage from the 1974/75 period on 2 CD's. The quality of the clips varies, but it's always worth hearing...

* The very first 1974 radio promo from Warner Brothers/Reprise for that year's first album by KISS. Intermingled with some samples of the album's tracks you get to hear a Humphrey Bogart style voice saying: "You must remember this: a KISS is just a KISS. But this
one is something else sweetheart" and "Introducing the KISS
that gets you angle. KISS - a new group, a new album - on Casablanca Records..." (1 min.)
* Interview Paul & Peter with Alisson Steele from the Nightbird radioshow 1974 (15 min.)
* CHED Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley Radio Ids - Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 1974 (2 min.)

* Commercial - Hotter Than Hell album (1 min.)
* Backstage interview with Paul and Gene before the concert at Palatine Fremd High School Gymnasium Chicago, IL on April 19, 1975. (5 min)
* Interview with Gene in his hotel room before the concert at the Music Hall Cleveland, OH on June 21, 1975. Gene talks about the upcoming European tour and recordings for a live album (which obviously became ALIVE!) with Eddie Kramer at the concert! (28 min.)
* Interview with Gene and Peter in a limo for WPFR radio station in Terre Haute, IN before the concert on Nov. 21, 1975. (15 min)
* Interview with KISS and Bill Starkey on WVTS station Terre Haute, IN from Nov. 21, 1975. WVTS was the radio station Starkey and friends assaulted under the name of the "KISS Army", forcing them to play KISS music. (10 min)

* KISS Day at Cadillac, MI on Oct. 9 & 10, 1975. KISS appeared at the Cadillac High homecoming. The memorable event was an example for Rock Steady's creativity in breaking the band to a wider audience. The initial idea for the invitation came from the coach of the Highschool Football Team who played KISS songs during matches for motivation. As the team became successful he contacted the band, resulting in Cadillac's "KISS Day".

Recordings are from the concert at Cadillac High School Auditorium on Oct. 9. It starts with a Meet & Greet with fans backstage, followed by an interesting soundcheck featuring various takes of Room Service and Communication Breakdown by Led Zep. Kids who appeared in KISS makeup were allowed to attend at this warm-up.

The songs: Deuce, Strutter, Got To Choose, Hotter Than Hell, Ace's smoking guitar solo and a cut version of Nothin' To Loose.

Please note that this is an audience recording for fans only with an overall length of 32 min.

DESTROYER Radio Collection 1976 (69 min.)

Various radio footage from the Destroyer period on 1 CD. Quality of the clips varies, but it's always worth hearing...

* Backstage radio interview 1976 with Paul, Gene and Peter in Cape Cod. They talk about the beginning of the band with plenty of jokes and review the recordings for Destroyer with Bob Ezrin. With song teasers and cool ads for The Originals album set and ANGEL... (15 min.)
* Interview with Gene for WPFR Terre Haute with Ed Gerzman that took place after the concert in Evansville, IN on Aug. 6, 1976. Gene justifies why KISS doesn't play Terre Haute during the Destroyer Tour and talks about a "God Of Thunder Machine" that would set him in a "ring of fire" during concerts... Gene also says that they would never play Beth live in concert as they don't want to bring a 40-piece orchestra on stage... (24 min.)

* Interview with Paul for a radio station in Winnipeg, Canada during the Canadian leg of the Destroyer Tour from April 27, 1976 (8 min.)
* Gene & Paul interview from Melbourne 3XY radio, June 1976 (12 min.)
* Gene interview on Earth News Radio, September 1976 (8 min.)
* Commercial - The Originals album with teaser for the concert at Roosevelt's Stadium (2 versions á 1 min.)

ROCK AND ROLL OVER Radio Collection 1976 (70 min.)

Quality of the clips varies on these 2 CD's, but it's always worth hearing...

* "Rock And Roll Over with KISS". Radio special to promote the album release. Interviews with Gene, Paul and some road personnel about the recordings and the upcoming tour with presentation of new songs from the album (30 min.).
* Rodney Bingenheimer radio interview 1976 with Gene and Paul about their act at the Paul Lynde Halloween Special and recordings for what became Rock and Roll Over. (9 min.)
* Commercial - Rock And Roll Over album (1 min.)

* Rehearsal tape for the upcoming Rock And Roll Over Tour. KISS used these tapes to listen back and see if everything was sounding ok after they were done practising.

What you hear is the band playing in a loft without audience! (30 min.)

The songs:
Detroit Rock City, Take Me, Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll, Strutter, Ladies Room, Firehouse, Hard Luck Woman, Do You Love Me?, Cold Gin, Makin' Love, I Want You, 2nd take of Hard Luck Woman.

Radio Show Collection 1977 (143 min.)

Various radio footage spreading over 2 CD's. The quality of the clips varies, but it's always worth hearing...

* To promote the concert series at the L.A. Forum during the Love Gun Tour, KISS dropped by L.A.'s Ten-Q radio station to do a special with legendary DJ Don Steele:
Includes a message from KISS Army headquarters, Paul selling LEVIS jeans, an announcement from Ace that he will sing lead for the first time on Shock Me on this tour while Gene promotes a blood donation program... questions anyone? (7 min. version in great quality as well as a raw uncut 14 min. version) - neeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Ten-Q radio ad for the concert series at the L.A. Forum, Aug. 1977 (1 min.) - neeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Great KISS Special from New York's 99X station from Feb. 17, 1977, a day before the infamous "homecoming" concert at Madison Square Garden (20 min.)
* WBOW interview with Gene before the Terre Haute concert on Jan. 25, 1977 (4 min.)
* Alisson Steel KISS bio special. Great radio show covering KISStory up to date with lots of songs, interviews and features... (50 min.)
* "KISS Beyond The Mask" - a cool radio special with Gene telling the history of the band (8 min.)

* On March 21, 1977 KISS held a press conference at Osaka Bampaku Hall in Suita City before kicking off the Japanese leg of the Rock And Roll Over Tour on March 24. This is an 3 minute excerpt from that special event.
* Interview from Japanese radio with Gene, July 1977 (28 min.)

* WRKO Boston, MA interview with Gene during the Love Gun tour on Aug. 12, 1977 (6 min.)
* Commercial - Love Gun album (1 min.)
* Commercial - ALIVE II album (1 min.)
* Radio commercial for concert at the Hartford Civic Center, February 16, 1977. (1 min.)

Radio Show Collection 1978 (225 min.)

Various radio footage from the Solos Albums period spreading over 3 CD's. The quality of the clips varies,
but it's always worth hearing...

* New Year's Eve Special with Ace on New York's 99X FM radio station with host Sue O' Neil. Ace answers phone-in questions and introduce's some of his fave songs from 1978. He brought along his dog Blondie which is constantly barking in the background. Quality of this recording is perfect! (22 min.)
* Ace on "Sunday Magazine" WPIX, New York about his Solo Album and the work with producer Eddie Kramer. Ace also talks about how he started playing guitar and the use of guitar synthesizers for the first time on his album. (12 min.)
* In another interview from WIFI Philadelphia, Ace answers phone-in questions and talks about his Solo Album. (8 min.)
* Interview with Ace's mother dating back to April 1978. A dumb guy asks about Ace's life before KISS... (2 min.)
* Gene interview on CHUM Toronto, Canada (6 min.)
* Gene interview on Radio 1, England (14 min.)
* "Cosmic Comics" radio special with Gene, Nov. 1978 (6 min.)
* Gene interview on WPIX, New York Sept. 1978 (8 min.)
* Gene interview on KFRC San Francisco, CA Oct. 1978 (20 min.)
* "KISS and Satan Worship" WXID radio special, West Virginia (46 min.)
* Marketing campaign: radio station WCFL Chicago awards the school that collects the most M&M wrappers with a free KISS concert in 1978. Now that's a cool promo... (1 min.)
* Interesting interview with Gene from Capital Radio UK talking about the English music scene, the new album Double Platinum and a possible European Tour in the near future... (15 min.)
* Kid Curry interview from Miami with Paul on the phone. A chat about KISS In Attack of the Phantom, the release of Double Platinum and plans for a second feature length film, which obviously never came to fruition... (4 min.)
* Paul interview on KJR radio (21 min.)
* Paul interview on WPIX, New York (37 min.)
* Commercial - Double Platinum album (1 min.)
* Commercial - The Solo Albums (1 min.)

Radio Show Collection 1979 (216 min.)

Various radio footage from the Dynasty period, spanning over 3 CD's...

* In an unusual approach to promoting rock concerts, Ron Delsener took out print ads in all of the major New York newspapers enticing readers to "Call KISS". The campaign kicked off in May 1979. When the toll-free call was made, callers were treated to one of the four individual message from a KISS member promoting the Madison Square Garden concerts on July 24 & 25. Each clip was accompanied by a trademark song from the Dynasty album. Interestingly, Peter's voice was replaced by an unknown speaker due to his bad condition during this period.
The sound has some hiss as it was recorded via mic from a telephone but is a historic find nonetheless... (4 min.)

* Commercial - Dynasty album with teaser for the concert at the Pontiac Mini Dome July 13, 1979 (1 min.)
* Commercial Dynasty Tour: Market Square Arena, Aug. 10, 1979 (1 min.)
* Commercials Dynasty Tour: Indianapolis - Memorial Colliseum, Sept. 18, 1979 (2 versions á 1 min.)
* Interview with fans before a concert 1979 (1 min.)
* Live report from a KISS concert (1 min.)
* Report about the Return of KISS Tour, interview with crew members (2 min.)
* Paul & Gene radio interview on 3XY Melbourne (12 min.)
* Paul & Ace radio interview on WALS Chicago (11 min.)
* Paul & Gene radio interview with Bill Hue (5 min.)
* Interview with the band on KIMW Denver Nov. 9, 1979 (20 min.)
* KISS vs. Satan - interesting lengthy radio documentation about the infamous Knights In Satan Service. Features statements from band and management with some examples of evil KISS songs. (56 min.)
* KJR Radio Interview, Seattle (20 min.)
* Phone interview with Paul and Gene from Australian 3XY station Nov. 8, 1979. They chat about the new album Dynasty and a possible future Australian tour... (9 min.)
* WLS Chicago, IL Music People interview with Paul, Ace and Gene from Sept. 21, 1979 about the current Dynasty tour (11 min.)
* Concert review from Vancouver radio station, British Columbia. Report on the show, the KISS phenomenon and a short interview with KISS and fans in front of a concert venue. Airdate: Nov. 20, 1979. (5 min.)
* Radio-show with Gene on 92WPRO, Providence Aug. 1979 (26 min.)
* Gene & Ace at the Robert Klein Hour (17 min.)
* Gene interview from a New York radio station (10 min.)

Radio Show Collection 1980 (99 min.)

Various radio footage from the Unmasked period on 2 CD's. The quality of the clips varies, but it's always worth hearing...

* Phone interview with Gene from Aucoin Management Offices at Madison Avenue, NYC with Michel Lafon and his mother dating back to June 9, 1980. Gene provides some interesting info on the new KISS album Unmasked, the KISS merchandise machinery, two film projects in the making, concepts for a KISS World amusement park and the upcoming World Tour featuring a new stage show with remote control KISS robots...!?
The interview took place shortly before Eric Carr was introduced to the public as Gene talks about Peter's departure and rehearsals for a new drummer (22 min.)

* Interview with Paul & Ace from an English radio station during the European Unmasked Tour 1980 (5 min.)
* Paul interview from Stockholm during the European Unmasked Tour 1980 (5 min.)
* Interview with Eric Carr on how he became the new drummer of KISS from July 1980 (2 min.)

* "Pop nach Acht" KISS interview with Thomas Gottschalk from German radio station Bayern 3 during the European Unmasked Tour 1980 introducing the new album, elements of the stage show and the new drummer Eric Carr. (26 min.)
* Peter Criss on the Robert Klein Hour, talking about KISStory and his solo album after leaving the band from Sept. 1980 (20 min.)
* Peter Criss on KJR radio (15 min.)
* Peter Criss interview on Bay Australian Nov. 1980 (4 min.)
* KISS interview from BBC Radio, UK (8 min.)

Radio Show Collection Australian Unmasked Tour 1980 (41 min.)

Witness the KISS hype and hysteria that hit Australia back in November 1980 with this vivid collection of audio material. The KISS Unmasked Tour was followed with uncomparable press coverage and massive fan reaction. The quality of the clips is very good... this is what you get on 1 CD:

* Report about two KISS Army girls waiting all night before the band's Sydney hotel (1:00)
* Interview with tour promoter Kevin Jacobsen on the efforts of bringing the KISS stage show to Australia (5:00)
* Radio report on the KISS phenomenon with the band introducing new drummer Eric Carr and an announcment of the Australian tour dates (3:00)
* Tour dates announcement (1:00)
* Radio report promoting the KISS tour as the biggest thing that hit Australia since the Beatles (2:00)
* Report on the KISS Army march in Adelaide with some interesting fan interviews (3:00)
* Radio interview with a boy who was injured by imitating Gene's fire breathing stage act (1:00)

* Radio ad for the infamous KISS Makeup set. One irem out of some dozen licensed KISS products that swept the market during the tour (0:30)
* Radio report on KISS' arrival at Sydney airport on November 1 (1:00)
* Radio report on sold-out KISS shows (1:00)
* Radio report documenting the march of the KISS Army that preceded the band's appearance on the balcony of the Town Hall in downtown Sydney, Nov. 2 (1:00)
* Two reports about the appearance at the Town Hall with approx. 3.500 fans in attendance (2:00)
* Radio report on spare tickets for the second Sydney show on with brief KISS appearance
* Radio announcement for Sydney concerts on Nov. 21 & 22 (1:00)
* Review about the show in Melbourne with fan interviews (2:00)
* Review about the show in Adelaide with a focus on Australian opening act "Eyes" (3:00)
* another review about the Adelaide show on Nov. 18. The show was nearly cancelled due to bad weather conditions (2:00)

* The KISS press conference: radio report on the only press conference the band held at the Sebel Town Hall in Sydney with excerpts from the Q&A session featuring Australian comedian Norman Gunston (8:00)
* Interview with KISS' Australian publicist (1:00)

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT Press Conference & Interviews 1982/1983 (184 min.)

Various stuff from the Creatures period spanning over 3 CD's. The quality of the clips varies, but it's always worth hearing...

* Press conference from Oct. 28, 1982. Q&A with the media discussing the new show, album & tour. (27 min.)
* International press interview in Hollywood, CA from Oct. 1982. Gene and Paul discuss every song of the new Creatures album in detail (20 min.)
* Commercial - Creatures Tour Knoxville, TN on Jan. 2, 1983 (1 min.)
* Commercial - Creatures Tour from FM 105 for concert at Charleston Civic Center, WV on Jan 4, 1983 (1 min.)
* UK radio show with Gene & Paul from 1983 talking about the European Killers compilation and the new concept after the disaster of The Elder (18 min.)
* Vinnie Vincent radio interview discussing the "new sophisticated heavy metal approach" on the Creatures Of The Night album. (17 min.)
* Private Gene interview (21 min.)
* Private Gene interview - Backstage Creatures Tour - Phoenix, AZ March 28, 1983 (9 min.)
* Intersting interview with Paul, Eric & Vinnie from Metro Radio 1983 (15 min.)
* The KISS concert in Minneapolis on Feb. 18, 1983 prompted a huge religious controversy. Two fanatics called the Peters brothers distributed this one-hour tape, calling it "The Truth about Rock: Gene Simmons and KISS Exposed". They examine quotes from KISS songs and even did an interview with Gene Simmons to emphasize the bad influence of the band on American youth. The tape also features recordings of Creatures Of The Night and Detroit Rock City from the Met Center performance with some commentaries. (58 min.)

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I have lots of radio shows and I have lots of the 7778 radio shows as well if you give me your email over the weekend I'll probably send them to you if you do Google drive or wetransfer
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