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September 23, 2009
Chicago, Illinois
Logan Square Auditorium

"This recording started out with mics but the levels were tiny, so the mics were yanked immediately. Normalize was used over a small section to soften the removal of the mics and the intial few seconds of audio were amplified with Simple Amplifer. The Bad News: Thinking a switch was flipped the wrong way, flipping it back was the corrective action taken between sets. Turns out the mic battery was dead. This menas that the recordings of Obituary, Goatwhore, Krisun, and THe Berserker sound horrible, so won't be posted."


01 Total War
02 Severed Reality
03 Living In a Whirlwind
04 At The Crack Of Doom
05 ==Buy Us Beer, Other Fine Bands, Nick and Robin Song==
06 Prey for Death
07 Jackal
08 Combat Shock

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