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The bass player in my band was going to get a beast, but they don't make a 5 string beast and he didn't have the money for a custom job at the time, so he got the 5 string warlock and I gotta be sounds a lot better than I expected! I totally expected it to be a cheesy gimmick bass that was just designed to look cool and not to play well or sound good, but I was definitely wrong on both accounts. He is running it through a SWR workingman 4004 head and full stack (4x10 & 1x15) and it sounds pretty damn good! Good tone and great versatility! He is currently saving for another...he's either getting a custom 5 string beast, or one of the new "goth" looking warwicks, I forget what they are called. I am trying to persuade him to get the warwick...NOTHING beats a warwick...for any style of music (at least thats my opinion) ~Adam~
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