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GUNS N' ROSES: 'Behind The Music' Air Date Pushed Back To July
Source: Blabbermouth

Much like GUNS N' ROSES' long-awaited new studio album, "Chinese Democracy", the launch date of the VH1 documentary covering the early days of GUNS N' ROSES keeps getting pushed back. "Behind the Music: Guns N' Roses" will now air on Monday, July 5 at 12:30/11:30c p.m, according to

As previously reported, the documentary, which was originally scheduled to air June 16, features contributions from former GUNS N' ROSES members Slash (guitar) and Steven Adler (drums), as well as Tom Zutaut (former A&R executive at Geffen Records), Josh Richman (video director), Teddy Andreadis (keyboard player), Dave Navarro (JANE'S ADDICTION, ex-RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), Warren De Martini (ex-RATT), Gilby Clark (ex-GUNS N' ROSES), U.P.O. guitarist Chris Weber (ex-HOLLYWOOD ROSE) and Mike Clink (GNR producer).

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Guitarist CARLOS SANTANA Slams OZZY, Calls Him One Of 'Corny-Ass White People'
Source: Blabbermouth

Pioneering Latin-rock guitarist Carlos Santana has slammed Ozzy Osbourne as one of "corny-ass white people" while reprimanding the American media for failing to give due credit to jazz artist Elvin Jones who died recently.

Jones' death passed unnoticed without even a mention in the papers, something which Santana believes is due to the racist attitude of the press.

"I'm really embarrassed for this nation, and for MTV and VH1 and Rolling Stone, because it was a very racist thing not to acknowledge this most important musician when he passed," Santana was quoted as saying in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

"For them to play up Ozzy Osbourne and other corny-ass white people, but not Elvin, is demeaning and I'm really embarrassed to live in this country," he added.

"If I would've been running MTV, I would've stopped all the corny stuff they show and shown one of Elvin's (drum) solos. Because he represents the highest level of creativity, like Duke Ellington," Santana continued.

"America is such an ignorant country. I understand that I'm hard on America, but if you look at all the (alarming) things on CNN, (you'll see) we need to grow up quickly. We need to crystallize our existence because we place economic values over spiritual ones.

"I'm hurt. And if I was a little hard or cruel with MTV and VH1, they deserve it. They need to stop showing what they are showing, and show real musicians. Why do they keep showing such stupidity? MTV needs to reassess its priorities."

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TESLA Play Fans' Living Room To Benefit Charity: Video Available
Source: Blabbermouth
Sacramento's reports: TESLA recently played for a very small crowd at the home of Paul and Julianne Clem of Sacramento. The band interrupted a nationwide tour to play for the Clems, who are, by their own admission, huge fans.

The Clems were the high bidders in a contest on Sacramento radio station 98 Rock. Their $5,000 bid bought them an in-home gig by TESLA. The money goes to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

The auction was the brainchild of 98 Rock personality Pat Martin. "My son had leukemia when he was two," said Martin. "He's now 14, so this has always been very near and dear to my heart."

By all accounts, it didn't take much to sell TESLA on the idea. "When I asked them to do this, I couldn't even get the sentence out before they [were] saying 'Yes, sure, absolutely, whatever you need,'" said Martin.

The band set up in the Clems living room and played several songs, to the delight of the two dozen or so people crammed into the suburban home. Watch the video here.

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SAMMY HAGAR: VAN HALEN Reunion Tour Is Like One Giant Celebration
Source: Blabbermouth

VAN HALEN frontman Sammy Hagar and drummer Alex Van Halen recently took part in a joint Boston Globe interview to discuss the group's latest chapter.

"This tour is like one giant celebration with all the fans that've been there forever," Hagar said of the current reunion tour. "People are really excited about this, and it makes me want to give everything that I've got."

The timing of the reunion was also right for guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Alex's brother who was regaining his strength in recovering from tongue cancer. "Ed went through a very difficult time," Alex said. "It was a health scare and, believe me, as his brother who didn't know if he was going to make it through the next week, it was a very strange experience. It's not something that you'd expect at his age."

Eddie, 49, has been avoiding the media, perhaps because he doesn't want to be asked about his health.

"There's a story about that, but now is not the time to talk about it," Alex said. "We're looking forward. We're not looking back. We went through some hard times with Ed and with some other things, but we're through that. We came out the other end stronger — and let's do what we do, which is to make music."
(Read More Here)

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Cantrell, Duffy Form Cardboard Vampyres
Source: Billboard
Former Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell and former Cult guitarist Billy Duffy have teamed up to form Cardboard Vampyres. Rounded out by one-time Motley Crue and Ratt vocalist John Corabi, latter era Cult bassist Chris Wyse and drummer Josh Howser, the group has few aspirations besides having a good time playing live.

"This band is really just about having fun and playing tunes that we were fans of growing up", Cantrell says. A typical set list consists of Cult and Alice In Chains songs set amid a selection of hard rock covers by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Stooges, Black Sabbath and Aerosmith classics.

"We're putting the music back into the business," Duffy says. "It's not about albums or contracts or singles. The music speaks for itself. It doesn't matter who wrote the songs; they can never be what they were. This band is a natural evolution; we're creating something entirely new."

A June 24 show at New York's Hudson Theatre is first up on a sparse schedule that also includes an Aug. 14 Oklahoma City gig opening for ZZ Top. A spokesperson confirms to that although there are no plans for the group to record, more shows are expected throughout the coming months.

Cardboard Vampyres made its public debut at an April Sweet Relief benefit show in Los Angeles, and played Sammy Hagar's Wabo Cantina at Harveys Lake Tahoe (Nev.) last month.

Since the demise of Alice In Chains, Cantrell has released two solo albums, 1998's "Boggy Depot" (Columbia) and 2002's "Degradation Trip" (Roadrunner). Earlier this spring, he opened a slate of shows on Kid Rock's U.S. tour.

Between the Cult's 1995 split and its 2000 reunion, Duffy formed the band Colorsound with Alarm lead singer Mike Peters. In 1999, the guitarist linked with Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and the Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver rhythm section of Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum to record "Elected" for the Alice Cooper tribute album "Humanitary Stew."

Here are Cardboard Vampyre's confirmed tour dates:

June 24: New York (Hudson Theatre)
July 10: Justin, Texas (Texas Lil's Dude Ranch)
July 16: West Hollywood, Calif. (Roxy Theatre)
Aug. 14: Oklahoma City (Zoo Amphitheatre; w/ ZZ Top)
Sept. 11: Austin, Texas (Carlos'N Charlie's Bar & Grill; KLBJ event)

-- Barry A. Jeckell, N.Y.

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Pearl Jam Goes Acoustic in CD Deal with BMG
Source: Launch
By Tamara Conniff

Pearl Jam's first full acoustic concert is heading to CD next month.

The 24-track, double-disc "Live at Benaroya Hall October 22, 2003" was taped at the Seattle venue as part of a benefit for local aid organization Youthcare. The album will be issued to retailers via a one-off distribution deal between the band and BMG; Pearl Jam split last fall with longtime label Epic Records.

A special edition of the album, featuring a poster with a band photograph taken at the show by Charles Peterson, will be available for pre-order June 21 exclusively via Pearl Jam's official Web site ( In addition, will be the exclusive outpost for a four-LP boxed set edition of the concert, also bundled with the poster.

"Live at Benaroya" finds Pearl Jam debuting "Man of the Hour," its Golden Globe-nominated contribution to the film "Big Fish," as well as the track "Fatal," which appeared on the rarities album "Lost Dogs." "Around the Bend," the closing track from the 1996 album "No Code," had not been performed since 1998.

Other oddities featured on the set include covers of the Johnny Cash -popularized "25 Minutes to Go," the Ramones' "I Believe in Miracles" and Bob Dylan 's "Masters of War." The band ditched the acoustic set-up for a plugged-in, show-closing rendition of "Yellow Ledbetter."

"This was one of those special shows," says Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis. "But because it was not part of the 2003 tour bootleg series and fans were asking for it, and because of the unique nature of the performance itself -- it being the band's first full length acoustic show -- it felt like a show we should give fans the chance to own."

Pearl Jam may play some fall shows in swing states in the run-up toward the U.S. presidential election. Last month, the quintet's site said, "it's possible the band may head back to the studio toward the end of the year to begin work on their eighth album."


I agree with santana. Not so much on racism. But on america's ignorance. And on how people dont give a shit about creative individuals. I only heard about Elvin Jones's passing on college radio a few weeks ago by chance.

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Ministry's War on Bush
Industrial vets' "Houses" targets White House
Source: RollingStone
So claims Al Jourgensen, frontman for the legendary industrial-metal band Ministry. And he's not lying. The group's new record, Houses of the Molé (released today), is a nine-track assault on everything George W. Bush, from the straight-talking, thrashy opening track "No W" all the way through the brooding, artsy finale "Worm." Even the album title is a slap at the Oval Office.
"We like tipping our hits to classic rock, so why not [Led Zeppelin's] Houses of the Holy?" says Jourgensen, laughing. "Besides, I live in Texas, and molé is a way of life down here. It's a brown, Mexican chocolate sauce that suspiciously looks like crude oil. And with the appetite of this administration for that, I just thought it all fit together."

Musically, the album harkens back to the speedier, angrier days of Ministry's breakthrough record, 1992's Psalm 69. However, there are some noticeable differences, including the absence of long-time collaborator Paul Barker, who had been the co-writer and bassist for the band since 1987.

Jourgensen won't get into details, but he's clearly happy running the show alone. "It's all good," he says. "But it just became like a marriage. After eighteen years the sex gets a little boring. It was time to change positions, so to speak."

Houses also marks Jourgensen's first extended period of good health in years. The singer had been known for his drug exploits and escapades in the past, which included an infamous 1995 raid on his property by Texas lawmen snooping for drugs (no arrests were made). "I've been clean for a few years," he says. "Before that, I was a walking coma. I couldn't deliver our albums faster because I was working on 'dealer standard time,' which is six months behind everyone else."

The clean bill of health is good news for Ministry fans, who will get to see the band enter its most productive phase in years. First up, the group's long-running side project, the industrial-party band the Revolting Cocks, will release a new album by year's end. "We do a cover of 'Purple Haze' called 'Purple Head,'" says Jourgensen. "It's very juvenile delinquent, misogynist and everything you'd expect in a Revolting Cocks record."

Ministry will also start a tour with Skinny Puppy on Labor Day, tied in to the organization. "Our goal is to register 100,000 kids on the tour," says Jourgensen. "I'll do anything to entice them: sign autographs, give blowjobs, whatever." The Punkvoter shows will run up to the November 9th election.

Jourgensen has become a Punkvoter favorite, contributing a track to the organization's Rock Against Bush album and going on NPR on the group's behalf. His efforts appear to not have gone unnoticed by the other side.

"All these Republican web sites have my picture next to Michael Moore," he says. "So I'm taking that as a real compliment."

(Posted Jun 21, 2004)

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New CD Releases for June 22

Age of Ruin Tides of Tragedy (Eulogy)

The Album Leaf (The Black Heart Procession’s Jimmy LaValle) In a Safe Place (ICE #206) (Sub Pop)

Maria Conchita Alonso Soy (Hypnotic)

Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (of The Yayhoos and Steve Earle’s Dukes) Knucklehead (w/covers of Tom Waits and Neil Young; ICE #208) (Lakeside Lounge)

Anodyne Lifetime of Gray Skies (Level Plane)

Dave Armstrong Make Your Move (Tommy Boy)

Bobby Bare Jr.’s Young Criminals’ Starvation League From the End of Your Leash (ICE #207) (Bloodshot)

Bebo & Cigala Lagrimas Negras (Bluebird)

The Belles Idle Acres (Second Nature)

David Benoit and Russ Freeman Benoit/Freeman Project 2 (Peak)

Black Dice Creature Comforts (DFA)

BoDeans Resolution (ICE #208) (Zoë/Rounder)

Trina Broussard Same Girl (Motown)

Tom Carter Monument (Kranky)

Chronic Future Lines in My Face (Interscope)

Consequence Take Em to the Cleaners (guests Kanye West, Common, Talib Kweli, Q-Tip & Little Brother) (Sure Shot)

Morris Day It’s About Time (Hollywood)

Despistado The Emergency Response (EP) (Jade Tree)

DJ Spooky Celestial Mechanix: The Blue Series MasterMix (ICE #208) (Thirsty Ear)

Draw Blood The Calm Before the Storm (Martyr)

Eisbrecher Eisbrecher (Dancing Ferret Discs)

F.I.Y.A. A Woman’s World (X-Ray)

Fourplay Journey (ICE #207) (Bluebird)

John Frusciante The Will to Death (Record Collection)

Benny Golson Terminal 1 (inspired by the Steven Spielberg film "The Terminal") (Concord Jazz)

Martin Gordon The Joy of More Hogwash (Navarre)

Rachel Goswell Waves Are Universal (4AD)

Benny Green and Russell Malone Bluebird (Telarc Jazz)

Hayden Elk Lake Serenade (ICE #206) (Badman)

Hello-Goodbye Heart Attack (Racing Junior)

Mark Holland For Such a Time as This (Cedar n Sage)

Jadakiss (of Ruff Ryders) Kiss of Death (Interscope/A&M)

Jahsir Stress Free (X-Ray)

Jet Black Crayon Inaccuracies of the Mind Machine (Function 8)

Jo Jo Jo Jo (Blackground)

Jondi & Spesh The Answer (Spundae)

Keoki The Great Soundclash Swindle (Hypnotic)

Linda Gail Lewis Boogie Woogie Country Gal (Sanctuary/Castle)

Lit Lit (w/limited-edition DVD; ICE #207) (DRT/Nitrus/Dirty Martini)

The Locust Follow the Flock, Step in Shit (EP) (Three. One. G)

Lynyrd Skynyrd Lyve (two CDs; ICE #207) (Sanctuary)

Miriam Makeba Reflections (Heads Up)

Mike Marshall Gator Strut (SACD same day; w/Béla Fleck and David Grisman; ICE #207) (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)

Edwin McCain Scream & Whisper (DRT)

Michael McDermott Ashes (w/members of Goo Goo Dolls, Whiskeytown, Imperial Drag and more) (Pauper Sky)

Marian McPartland Piano Jazz with Lionel Hampton (The Jazz Alliance)

Ministry Houses of the Molé (ICE #208) (Sanctuary)

Motörhead Inferno (Sanctuary/Metal-Is)

Mystic Chords of Memory Mystic Chords of Memory (Sanctuary/Rough Trade)

Ozomatli Street Signs (ICE #207) (Concord)

Pan American Quiet City (CD/DVD combo) (Kranky)

Paulson Variations (Initial)

Lee Perry Dub Trip-Tych (two CDs) (Sanctuary/Trojan)

Please Mr. Gravedigger Here’s to the Life of the Party (Pluto)

Pretty Boy Floyd Size Really Does Matter (Deadline)

Qntal III (w/limited-edition DVD) (Noir)

The Race If You Can (Flameshovel)

Red Planet We Know How It Goes (Gearhead)

Ric-A-Che Lack of Communication (Universal)

Jonathan Richman Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love (Sanctuary/Vapor)

Robots in Disguise Robots in Disguise (Recall)

Salvatore Tempo (Racing Junior)

Scorpions Unbreakable (Sanctuary)

Erick Sermon Chilltown New York (Universal)

Ravi Shankar & Gingger Celestial Body (Ark 21)

Silvertide Show & Tell (J)

Sledgehammer Your Arsonist (EP) (Martyr)

SONIA Dada Test Pattern (w/bonus DVD) (Calliope/Razor & Tie)

St. Thomas Let’s Grow Together - the Comeback of (Racing Junior)

Angie Stone Stone Love (ICE #207) (J)

Stray Cats & Friends Stray Cats Ball (Rockabilly)

Sweetback (Sade’s backing band) Stage 2 (Epic)

Tilly and the Wall Wild Like Children (first release from Conor Oberst’s label; ICE #208) (Team Love/Saddle Creek)

Toy Crayzy She So Crayzy (X-Ray)

McCoy Tyner Illuminations (ICE #208) (Telarc Jazz)

The Vestiges The Promised City (EP) (Particle Accelerator)

With or Without You 6 Reasons to Drop Out (Martyr)

Young Rome Food for Thought (Universal)

VA America Will Always Stand (w/Randy Travis, Ricky Skaggs and other country artists performing new songs inspired by the Civil War) (Time-Life Music)

VA Bombay Beats (Varèse Sarabande)

VA Boston Beatdown: See the World Through Our Eyes, Volume II (Crosscheck)

VA Electro Cured: An Electro Tribute to the Cure (Cleopatra)

VA Mento Madness (V2)

VA Y4K: Past Lessons / Future Theories (Distinctive Breaks)

OST Caroline, Or Change (two CDs) (Hollywood)

OST Lizzie McGuire Album, Vol. 2 (Walt Disney)

OST Queer as Folk - 4th Season (Tommy Boy)

OST Spider-Man 2 (ICE #208) (Columbia)

OST Two Brothers (new Guy Pearce film) (Decca/Universal Classics)

DVD Toronto Rocks (features The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Justin Timberlake and more) (Rhino)

DVD Vans Warped Tour ’03 (Dolby 5.1; live concert film and extended interviews featuring Rancid, Sum 41 and The Used) (Kung Fu/Image Entertainment)

DVD Flotsam & Jetsam Live in Phoenix (Deadline)

DVD KMFDM WWWIII Tour 2003 (Sanctuary)

DVD Bernie Williams The Journey Within (GRP/Verve)

DVD Neil Young & Crazy Horse Greendale Film (ICE #197) (Sanctuary)

SACD Lionel Richie Just for You (Island)

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Lollapalooza tour canceled -- The alt-rock tour's promoters tell MTV News that poor ticket sales are the culprit by Brian Hiatt
Source: Entertainment Weekly

One of the biggest rock tours of the '90s is finding this decade a lot less hospitable. This year's Lollapalooza tour, which was to feature acts including Morrissey, Modest Mouse, PJ Harvey, and jam-band the String Cheese Incident, has been canceled due to poor ticket sales, according to a statement from promoters posted on the tour's official website.

''My heart aches along with the bands, and all of our employees, whose hard work developed one of the most exciting and important tours that this nation was to see. My heart is broken,'' tour cofounder (and Jane's Addiction frontman) Perry Farrell said in a statement.

Another cofounder, William Morris Agency agent Marc Geiger, blamed the cancellation of the tour, which had been on hiatus from 1998 to 2002, on hard times for the concert industry as a whole. ''I am in utter disbelief that a concert of this stature, with the most exciting line-up I've seen in years did not galvanize ticket sales,'' he said in a statement. ''Many summer tours are experiencing weak ticket sales.'' All tickets sold from this year's festival will be refunded, according to the festival's website.

This year's Lollapalooza was to be the first to be divided into two days at each stop; the second day was to be headlined by the String Cheese Incident, an act far removed from the festival's alt-rock roots. ''It's risky -- it's a real left turn,'' Farrell told EW last month.


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DEF LEPPARD's 'Photograph' Topping Country Music Charts
Source: Blabbermouth
California country trio MALIBU STORM's remake of DEF LEPPARD's 1983 hit "Photograph" has landed at No. 10 on the Billboard Country Singles Sales chart in its first week of release. Top sales markets for the single reportedly include Los Angeles, Louisville, KY, Nashville and Charleston, WV. The video for the track is available for viewing online at this location.

MALIBU STORM's version of "Photograph" is featured on the group's self-titled album, which was produced by Mark Bright (RASCAL FLATTS, JO DEE MESSINA) and released on Rounder Records. The "Photograph" video was directed by Brent Hedgecock (REBA MCENTIRE, SHEDAISY) and was shot at several iconic L.A. locations, including Hollywood Boulevard, Malibu Beach, and the Santa Monica Mountains.

The SoCal family band is comprised of twin sisters Dana and Lauren and brother Michael.

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DOKKEN Drummer Says Last Album Should Have Been A DON DOKKEN Solo Effort
Source: Blabbermouth
In an interview with, longtime DOKKEN drummer Mick Brown dismissed the band's last studio album, 2002's "Long Way Home", as not being a true DOKKEN effort. "That was an interesting time where maybe we were kind of writing to today’s kind of music at the time," he said. "It should have been a Don [Dokken] solo record."

Ironically, the band has been in favor with some modern heavy rockers according to Brown, "Actually, we did a radio show with STAIND and SEVENDUST. It was cool. They were at the side of the stage watching us. They said, 'You're our idols.' That was kind of cool."

With regards to the possibility of guitarist George Lynch returning to the band, Brown said, "Not yet. That could come down the road. We're all grown up now so anything could happen. Never say never with George."

Read the entire interview at this link.

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SCORPIONS: Japanese Bonus Tracks Posted Online
Source: Blabbermouth
Samples of the Japanese bonus tracks from the SCORPIONS' latest release, "Unbreakable", have been posted online at the group's official web site. Check out the tracks "Dreamer" and "Too Far" at this link.

The follow-up to 1999's "Eye II Eye", "Unbreakable" is being released in the U.S. on Tuesday (June 22) through Sanctuary Records. The CD was recorded at Peppermint Park Studio in Hannover, Germany and was mixed at Wisseloord studios in Hilversum, Holland. The band, who recently announced the addition of Polish bassist Pawel Maciwoda (SECTION 31, URBANATOR) to their ranks, are also working on a DVD which should be released later in the year.

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GEORGE LYNCH Unleashes New Instrumental CD
Source: Blabbermouth

Former DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch has just released a new instrumental CD, entitled "Furious George". The album is collection of cover tunes with extensive guitar solos that "will leave his legion of fans pointing and staring as their speakers melt in the guitar fury," according to an official press release.

When asked about the album, Lynch replied, "Doing this record was a chance for me to give kudos to some of the great musicians, songwriters, and guitarists that have inspired me to play. This new work shows the ability to pursue a life of music by opening our minds and helping to make us aware of the possibilities through the power of musical expression."

"Furious George" track listing:

01. Space Station #5
02. Sins A Good Mans Brother
03. All Along The Watchtower
04. Stormbringer
05. I Want You/She’s So Heavy
06. Blood Of The Sun
07. Bridge Of Sighs
08. Precious And Grace
09. I Ain't Superstitious
10. One Way Or Another
11. You Shook Me
12. Dancing Madly Backwards

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JUDAS PRIEST: Live DVD In The Works, Album Scheduled For Nov. 9
Source: Blabbermouth

Garry Sharpe-Young, editor of — the world's biggest rock and metal database (with more than 25,000 bands covered) — spoke to JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford upfront of the band's Barcelona gig. JUDAS PRIEST has ranked No. 1 on the Rockdetector user charts for a straight seven months. The full interview will be posted soon, but here are some quotes, obtained exclusively by BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

On the first gig in Hannover, Germany (June 2):

"We really didn’t allow ourselves any time to get emotional about it or think too much because of the really tight schedule we set ourselves. From the day we decided we were going to do this the pace has been just frightening. We were rehearsing right up to half an hour before our good friends in ANNIHILATOR hit the stage in Hannover. That's how tight it was.

"The show went like a dream. I looked to my right and there's K.K., look to my left there's Glenn, glance back and see Ian and Scott and it was such a rush. It just felt like coming home. It was truthfully just a great, great show. Nobody dropped any major bollocks, we just sailed right through it. In true British fashion we got off, grabbed a beer and said, 'That was alright, wasn’t it?' "

On the upcoming DVD:

"The band has locked in so quickly that it's just fierce. We just feel so strong, so unstoppable and the energy levels are just so high. All five of us are just buzzing so we're going to record the Barcelona show for a DVD. That might sound ambitious, because we are quite early on in the world tour, but we simply have to capture this energy that we have right now."

On the new album. Does it follow the grand PRIEST tradition of having at least one song ending in "er?"

"Like 'Painkiller'? 'Sinner'? Or 'Ripper'? Hang on, I have to think… yes it does! That's funny because our producer Roy Z pointed that out to us too. All our classic albums have an 'er' song. We never realized."

On the new material. PRIEST formula or adventurous?

"With this one we just had so much material stockpiled. I entered into lyric world as soon as we had set the reunion rolling and Glenn and K.K. have come up with some amazing, amazing riffs. I think we cover all the areas, there are fast tracks, there is some acousticy, ballad stuff, some really heavy mid-tempo songs and also a great big, Cinerama 'Lord of the Rings'-type epic too. On top of that we have one or two songs that really make you blink and think. It was nice to roll the dice like that and get a bit adventurous."

On upcoming album and tour:

"We're aiming for a 9th November release. That might change, but it's the plan. We hope to kick off a major world tour in January. This time around the plan at the moment is to start in the U.K., we've been looking at shows in Russia, then Mr. Udo has invited us to Japan, after which we hope to get down to Australia, New Zealand and those parts of the world before getting back into the U.S. I'm hoping we’re going to be on the road for a very long time."
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