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What do I need?

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Ok... I am looking to start up my home studio. I plan to record guitar, bass, drums and vocals. I have a pc with a decent audio interface which i use to record my GNX 3 with and all the software for recording, mainly cool edit pro. Ive got guitars, basses and a drum set, a mic. What else might I need to get my studio ready for some production?
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well its no easy task. im kinda in the process of putting together a setup at home as well.
get a good set of desktop monitors and a good soundcard i would say. m-audio has got some good stuff at a decent price. you also might want get a good mixer board.
recording guitar and bass straight to the pc is pretty easy but i think the most complicated thing are the drums. as far as i know, if you use any type of mics, then youll need to soundproof the room. for vox you need a good vocal mic, and for drums you need multiple drum mics. also for each piece of a drum set that is miced, each one will need a separate channel on the mixer. so it would be wise to get a mixer with at least 12 channels. getting drums right is not easy, youll just have to work at it.

i just got some new stuff myself. m-audio delta 410 soundcard, m-audio studio pro monitors, and have a behringer 12-channel mixer w/built-in fx on the way. ive had to update some drivers and get some bugs out of it, but i got a nice setup now.
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