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I have consider to buy my first tube amp. My style is 80's Metal and Shred Instrumental Guitar such as Van Halen,Winger,White Lion,Extreme,Dream Theater,Steve Morse,Steve Vai,Joe Satriani,Vinnie Moore,Tony Macalpine,Paul Gilbert. Including wiht some Blues and a few Country. Of course,I know that one amp cannot suit it all but to close to those sound as much as possible, that's OK.
Mesa F-50 is get very good feedback from many reviewers on the net. But someone said it has more modern sound and not much bottom end.
Meanwhile Carvin Legacy is absolutely good for lead with clean sound and smoother distortion but too much midrange. Someone also said there is no "sweet spot".
I don't need Brutual sound..
Due to I have no chance to try one. Just listen to soundclip that found on this cyber world. I feel that I love the sound of Lagacy rather than F-50. Once I think again,almost soundclips I had was different production.Legacy soundclip made by lead guitarist, so almost they produce instrumental clip. But F-50 clips was produced to proof that they can play heavier rhythm like Nu Metal.
I don't play Nu Metal...Just mainly about 80's Rock and Instrumental as above mentioned
Does somebody suggest me about this? Which amp should be suit my taste? Doesn't need to care about money.
Anyway, a lot of features of Legacy is very inspire to me.
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