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Ya know the b/w band pic from the back of the WACF album? They made a poster just of that pic. No logo, no "Van Halen", just the pic. If you ever catch reruns of One Day At A Time or Who's The Boss, the poster is hanging in the girl's bedrooms. Anyway, at the time (1987), it was the only VH poster that I knew existed that I didn't have.

A family friend has just bought an old record store he was going to convert into a shoe store. The walls were covered with rock n roll posters that they sold so I was asked to help him take all the posters down and I had a couple of friends help me out. Part oif the deal was we could keep anything we wanted. They used to just hang the new posters over the old ones so there was about 4-5 posters deep.

Underneath it all, somehow in mint condition, was that poster, which immediately became my favorite. I wasn't even supoosed to be there, and best of all, got the poster for free.
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