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Eddie stuff....

I have a genuine RIAA gold album sales award given to Edward for the sale of 500,000 copies of "1984". He gave it up for a rock n' roll auction in the late 80's in California. Also, I have a signed personal check that he wrote out to a guitar shop for the work on a Fender double neck. Don't know exactly which axe it is of his. Probably not one of his stage guitars, from what I've seen in the vast photo's that were taken of him back then, but i'm sure he has had a ton of guitars back in the day. It's nicely matted and framed with one of his picks. Some really cool things I've aquired over the years of collecting. The RIAA award is the real thing, not one of the crappy "similiar looking" copies that's seen on Ebay all the time. I would be possibly interested in selling if given the right price.... :biggrin:
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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