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I was listening to the Live at the 10 Spot show the other night. I was thinking, "hey that is me in there going nuts in that show!" (we are a rowdy bunch in Sydney) Then it dawned on me, I was a part of a Van Halen Bootleg show! How cooooool.

Now all you Bootleg collectors and Van Halen fans, can you name a Bootleg show that YOU were a part of. What show was it that you witnessed and now maybe listen to again to relive the magic of the occasion. I am sure there a few 2004 tour shows many of you may now appear in, but is there anyone who may have been at those shows way back when?

RHRN 1992 tour
M.O.R 1988
US Festival 83"
Largo 82"
Gazzaris 74' (now that would be impressive)

Now is your chance to claim, "oh yeh I was at that show and it smoked!"
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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