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atomicpunk5151 said:
It wasn't a bootleg, but do you remember the 1991 music video for Top of the World. Not the space one, but the live performance one that was on MTV a few times. It was shot at Cal Expo Amp, Sacramento, CA in Sept 1991. I was there and they shot the crowd in the video, but it's tough to make out actual people.

I was at the 8/24/1993 show again at Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA. There is a dvd boot of this show, but it is pretty rough. I need to get a copy of that show again to see if I can find myself.

OFF Topic, but do you guys remember those girls from all those Def Leppard videos, Pour Some Sugar On Me & Armegeddon It. It was shot at a live show in Denver, CO, 1988, I swear those chicks were on MTV 10 times a day every day for about a year. Made them famous.

I was at the 91 top of the world show. I don't think i'm in the video but i'm at the show!

I'm in a bootleg of Tesla's Uncasville 05 DVD... I'm in the 2nd row and during the end of the long guitar solo Frank Hannon sees me there and nods and with a big old smile on his face he comes over at the end of the song and tosses his pick over to me. I was cheating since I had a Frank Hannon guitar shirt on but anyways he got a kick out of seeing me at the show and I got a kick out of getting the DVD bootleg of it all.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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