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AtomicBomb said:
Hey everyone. I've been trying to like jazz for at least 6 years now. Maybe 1 out of 1,000 jazz songs ever make my hairs stand up on my neck.

I agree that guitarists like Joe Pass and Pat Martino were/are impressive, but is it just me or does the neurotic form sound like complete crap?

Okay, so jazz is "good," maybe even "the supreme music of the universe." Why do people like hearing it? There's something about the crazy off-time and complex melodies that make me want to hurl.

There, I said it.:thumb:
It's all subjective, down to personal taste. How can you say a whole genre is "good" or "bad"? There are good musicians and bad musicians... but beyond that, it's like colours... you may prefer green and I prefer red...
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